Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Google Quest

"The Da Vinci Code involves a thrilling murder investigation that unearths a secret that could change the course of history. The film opens May 19th worldwide

The quest, which began April 17th requires skill, intellect, and perseverance. Over a span of 24 days ending May 11th, you will encounter unique challenges. These daily puzzles will pull you deeper into the world of The Da Vinci Code. Answer all 24 puzzles correctly for a chance to win untold riches.

Only the worthy will prevail."

Yeah, right... Honestly, it's fun to get absorbed in when you've got nothing better to do, but the part about "skill, intellect, and perseverance". Lol. Just Lol. There are a few blogs around that give solutions and answers to the "quest". In my opinion, all it really requires is common sense and a good search engine, which Google is.

It's probably a promotional puzzle and such. But still, if you continue on with it, the prizes are sweet. So, I suppose continuing with it could be very worth while.

But on the topic of the Da Vinci Code... What can I say, but it's just brimming with controversies. It's an excellent read, in my opinion, being a sucker for mystery and detective novels probably helped a lot. So many people are creating such a fuss about it, boycotts and court cases. Really... Everyone reacted to the book so drastically that it makes me think of children. When you tease them or accuse them of something, they react even more strongly when they're guilty of your accusation.

The Church should trust the people. If their faith is solid, a published book, which contradicts their beliefs wouldn't affect them. Sure it might raise some eyebrows, but if they believe something with all their hearts, nothing could move that.

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Yeah... wake up from hibernation

Anyway, I don't know why I created this blog in the first place last year without even using it... Never mind...

So, a year ago I was so hooked on Get Backers (although I still like it), I'm now hooked on Initial D. The addition's probably stronger though, because now I'm willing to sacrifice money and precious, precious disk space for all those lovely Eurobeat and non-Eurobeat songs. But still, Dogfight... ah... It probably has been played a thousand times over now. Hmm... I've seen people hunting for Initial D songs and wow, what a variety they are hunting for. But, thank God, I found a torrent that is the treasure of treasures in the for an Initial D song hunter. It has all the songs from the First Stage to the Battle Stage, plus the Vocal Battles... I practically cried with joy when I found it...

It doesn't really bother me (much) that there aren't any Fourth Stage songs in there. Not many of the songs there are as nice as the ones in the earlier stages. The opening and ending songs are easy enough to find ( You've got to have an account to download) and the insert songs (I think that's what you call the Eurobeat songs) that are really nice, not many of them though, are on the same site.

So, right now life is good. Although I'm not even close to beating Ryousuke on Akina, 400+ meters advantage are on his side (Initial D Arcade Stage). Maybe I should just skip to Irohazaka... But I got there by accident once and realized that it seems alot harder on Legend of the Streets than on Battle Mode...

It seems that everyone is vacationing now. There were no serious racers today when I visited Greenbelt. Not including the guy on Wangan Midnight... I didn't realize that they used the eraser technique on those complicated shifters. Either way, I don't intend to switch to manual on Wangan until I get into the late, late stages in Initial D. Still, it feels severely awkward when you play either one, then switch to the other.

I think the only thing I learned from Wangan that I can apply to Initial D is turn the wheel as little as possible, although you should find the right turn in angle for a corner to get through properly. :D

Mood- Cheery       Song- Kiss Me Goodbye- Michael Beat- Initial D the Movie