Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Book Wishlist

  1. Left Behind by Tim LaHaye
  2. Tribulation Force by Tim LaHaye
  3. Nicolae by Tim LaHaye
  4. Soul Harvest by Tim LaHaye
  5. Apollyon by Tim LaHaye
  6. Assassins by Tim LaHaye
  7. The Indwelling by Tim LaHaye
  8. The Mark by Tim LaHaye
  9. Desecration by Tim LaHaye
  10. The Remnant by Tim LaHaye
  11. Armageddon by Tim LaHaye
  12. Glorious Appearing by Tim LaHaye
  13. The Cirle by Peter Lovessey
  14. Geisha in Rivalry Kafu Nagai
  15. Skeleton Man Tony Hillerman
  16. A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore
  17. Labirinth by Kate Mosse
  18. By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept by Paulo Cuelo
  19. Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Cuelo
  20. Eleven Minutes by Paulo Cuelo
  21. Love Story by Erich Segal
  22. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
  23. The Giver by Lois Lowry
  24. The Dragon King's Palace by Laura Joh Rowland
  25. The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria by Laura Joh Rowland
  26. Black Lotus by Laura Joh Rowland
  27. The Samurai's Wife by Laura Joh Rowland
  28. The Concubines Tatoo by Laura Joh Rowland
  29. The Assassin's Touch by Laura Joh Rowland
  30. The Way of the Traitor by Laura Joh Rowland
  31. Bundon by Laura Joh Rowland
  32. Shinju by Laura Joh Rowland
  33. The Pearl Diver by Sujata Massey
  34. The Bride's Kimono by Sujata Massey
  35. The Floating Girl by Sujata Massey
  36. The Flower Master by Sujata Massey
  37. The Attitude by Sujata Massey
  38. The Salaryman's Wife by Sujata Massey

If you can suggest any more good books, please comment. :D

The Totally Useless List of What I Don't Like About School

  • Pressure
  • The annoying teachers, who don't read your works
  • Drawling teachers
  • No time to read
  • Requirements
  • No free time
  • The other annoying teachers
  • Uniforms
  • Wearing IDs
  • Stinky xerox papers
  • The classroom
  • No computer, as in laptop
  • No freedom
  • 4th floor classrooms!
  • Caliraya retreats!
  • The noise of the room
  • The smell of the room
  • No time to do anything
  • No sleep
  • Can't read freely
  • No Snoopy
  • Math class
  • Health class
  • Music class
  • PE class
  • Difficult tests
  • Complicated lessons

Once again, but the anti-thesis of it this time.

The Totally Useless List of What I Like About School

  • Debate
  • English
  • My History book
  • The library computers
  • The desks, if only they were a bit wider, for more sleeping space
  • A nice way to pass time
  • Somewhat enjoyable
  • More reason to use the computer
  • Trigonometry class, does this sound too geeky?
  • The nice teachers
  • Time with friends
  • Time to do other stuff during class
  • Allowance!!
  • No need to choose clothes
  • Reason to buy supplies
  • Computer classes
  • Internet during computer class
  • Club meetings

Yes, totally useless, as stated above.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I don't like this feeling, I'm caught in the middle of not knowing what's happening in our debate club, or if it is still a club.

Yesterday, everything became official, Mr. Santos, our third year English teacher and our Debate Society moderator, had to go on leave for something "personal & school related". Since everyone, everyone who knows what is going on that is, insisted that they couldn't tell us what was going on, we're all left to guessing our heads off in vain. The only problem is we really can't think of anything that could be both personal and school related. And we're supposed to be debaters. Shame, shame.

Anyway, I know that Mr. Santos' somewhat announced disappearance is supposed to be a major hit (as in damage, not so popular), simply because of it, but the effects are deeper, and has much more serious consequences. I don't mean that in a way that because he is gone (for now) that we'd do something wrong, "We're Christian debaters," as he'd say.

But, damnit, because he's gone, we're not a club. This is according to our School Rules and Regulations handbook distributed at the start of the schoolyear. By not being an official club, we don't get any school support, meaning we get no money and no transportation. So, we don't get support if we want to join a competition, like CMLI.

We, as in my team mates and I, agree that we're the ones who would suffer the most, because simply stated, we're the only ones who have to go through a long series of competitions to get to the finals. And since we've already started, this all sucks majorly for us!

I don't know the result of our 10 minute (daw) extended meeting yesterday as no one has replied to me, so I dread Monday and what result comes with it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


This will be my first pre-made blog entry, and what will it be about? Hate. Well, not really, but irritation, agitation, ranting, and whatnot. (Is debating getting to me? Yes, it is.)

First of all, I hate it when people just take and move my stuff around without my permission. A prime example to this would be my mom. Actually, she’s the reason I’m making this right now, so there. She’s my irritant, the thorn in my (home) sight, and the person I feel like bashing the most. If I were not that polite (reserved), I'd have engaged in an all-out vocal battle with her by now. But, she's my mom, and even if I end up hating her guts at the end of the day, tolerance takes over… I want to take that back, sleep takes over, not tolerance. Mentally bashing your “thorns” at night is the best stress reliever I've got.

This parent of mine, she's an obsessive compulsive, that woman. Sometimes, I'd really love to take the opportunity to wring her scrawny neck. Can't she keep her hands to herself? She can clean the whole house, she can rearrange the layout of our living room, for all I care, and quite honestly, I see very little point in arranging and rearranging, decorating and beautifying your house if the only considerable time you spend there, you spend sleeping, but she has no right to fix my room. Nope. Nada. NO!

She complains when I leave my room in “disarray” and such, but I've already told her this: I leave it that way, because I want it that way. She says that if I pile my books onto the table, I should arrange them into some neat pile and shit. Well, that the point, shit, no shit. What's the point of doing it so? Does it make it easier for me to get my books?

There is no point in doing so, but only to please her neat freak state. Another thing, it’s MY room, not hers, not the public room, MINE. I have the right to arrange my room in any way I please, and most certainly have the power to decide on how “neat” I want it to be. If I want to leave my books and bags on the floor, in the morning, it should still be on the floor, not in the cabinet, not on the table, not on the chair, ON THE FLOOR!

My will and my will alone is what governs the state of my room. I like it this way, and she has no right to say otherwise and act on it, just because she said so. NO, not in my territory!

Man, that rant was long, and I’ve still got more.

Nag, nag, nag, yes this is certainly what parents do, but don’t you think that it would be wrong to nag, and only nag, when you talk about studies? (Ah, the rhetoric, this is my style.) Sure, it is more acceptable, but still not completely, to nag when there is a need to, but that’s why they named it nag, and not remind. Nagging is excessive reminding to the point of irritating the person you're reminding (nagging).

That’s my mom again. Where does encouragement and support come in when the only thing she talks about when referring to my studies, is that you don’t study enough, blah, blah, blah. Damnit! Has she not heard of, “The more you nag, the less he listens?” I simple drown her voice out when she gets into the you-must-study-study-study mode. There is no point in listening to a broken tape over and over again, most especially when you don’t even like listening to what you're hearing!


My grandma and her nursemaid daughter have come vacationing over. And I don’t like it. Really, I don’t. I mean, she’s nice, my lola that is, and so is my aunt, but I just don’t like them much.

My grandma, well, what can I say but she's a good cook, but having to take care of an elderly woman is not my thing. I don’t like explaining the already obvious facts, like the mechanics of Kris Aquino’s Deal or No Deal. I simply don’t have the patience of such menial tasks. I cannot wait for some slow walking woman for long. I can stand to wait for someone for a while, but after that while has expired, the hell with you, I'm going on ahead. I'm no longer patient, at least not with menial and repetitive jobs like that.

And my aunt… What can I say but, even if she is one of my nicest aunts, as of now, she is my least favorite one. On one basic principle, she acts more like a maid than my aunt. She asks if she can do this for me, like carrying my school junk, or accompanying me the bathroom (?!). The fuck with that, carrying the books, is pretty much okay with me, but going to the bathroom?! Hell, no! Shit, no! FUCK, NO!!! As if, I’m 15 years old now, hello? Are you even oblivious to that fact? I'm a few inches taller than you and that still blinds your eyes?


Finally, out with the bad mood, in with the good mood, out with the bad mood, in with the good mood… You see? I don't often use ALL CAPS, but here it appears quite a few times.

More next time, this has gotten quite long…

Monday, August 21, 2006

Flash and Dolls, a Media Post

Click Here to get this from!

Click Here to get this from!

Click Here to get this from!

Click Here to get this from!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Testing, Testing

Man, how fun is beta-ing? I do it for Google, Vox, and now Blogger as well. A while ago, a few minutes that is, I noticed a little banner in the side pannel of Blogger's Dashboad, proclaiming something like Blogger Beta, but somehow this seems like something my friend, *imply imply* wouldn't notice, as she still seems to have not noticed something dark and, stuff on mine. But anyway, I clicked on it and took a little tour.

What can I say, but, "Hmm..." and that it seems like HTMLing skills have been going down the drain these past years of unuse? I suppose so. ( This is Blogger's image model, or is it model image, for the beta version.

The new features as stated in the Buzz article release is pretty much mainly for editing the the template for more customizability, limiting who can read your posts by email or by having them log into blogger, so only blog-makers on Blogger can read it (Reminds me of Vox), and attaching labels to your posts, so the audience can read it more easily.

And they said that they'd have more templates on, oh yeah right... I sure didn't notice anything new. Unlike those who slave over their template, or slave over finding nice templates, I just pick one ready made one. The only thing I do work on, on my template is the sidebar. (Basically, I don't know how to use a blog skin, if I did, I'd attach this one:, just editing the colors a bit though. I'm not a fan of bold red and blue.)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Over and Under

Something must certainly be wrong with me. I just arrived home, although just arrived is pretty much the worng term since I got here hours ago.

Our competition is now over, and we won...

It doesn't sound like we won, right? Well, I don't feel like we've won, and the entire competition is not actually over yet. The next one is on September 9... I think. St. Paul of Paranaque was our opponent, they seemed like newbies as well, but, oh hell, I'll just say it, I think we sucked, more specifically, I sucked. Bleh.

And I'm still not out of my self-proclaimed writer's block of all things important and not, so I'll be leaving this blog once more for a bit of iPod bonding time.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Gelo's (shampoo) Commercial

The Attack of Grendell's Mother

Ah... attack to the camera

Pillow War and Play Acting

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Laziness, yawn, :P

As the title suggests, I'm feeling very lazy right now, so, I'll just post the pictures and videos here, later, since it is once again past twelve, and I'm supposed to be asleep. Anyway, it's on my Photobucket, the pictues, and the videos are on YouTube. Just search for "kamyuz", that's my username there. Watch the commercial and the movies featuring Clarissa and Dani!

Oh, and by the way, if any one sees this, I just want to say that I also uploaded a new map for Hannah and the Pirate Caves on Neopets. Yehey, it's a level that works, but is slightly difficult, no impossible if you don't know where the secret area is.

Haha! I finally beat Ryousuke on Tsuchisazaka, and I did beat Takumi on Akina as well, but I didn't make it to the finish line! Crap... Ah, I'll try to visit my favorite hangout again later, and maybe use up my remaining load in Glorietta and Greenbelt.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tired, tired, tired...

Once again, a totally exhausting day. Haay! Today was the last day of exams, Algebra, it was surprisingly easy, but still I stayed in schools up to 6:45 pm! And these erm... 9 hours were not spent being idle, it was DEBATE... ^^;;

We had our pre-decon (I can't remember what that stands for anymore, but it's a meeting between the two competing teams, where they agree on the parameters and the definitions of the debate), and it seems that the St. Paulians were quite "difficult". Religion and morality? Ok, one of our senoirs in debate went, "What? Are you joking?" when she heard that.

Honestly, I thought pretty much the same thing, but just the same, it is still debatable, only, we pretty much can't include principle... Ok...

I should research somemore, if anyone has a copy of the module of the proposal DepEd gave, please, I beg you, send me a copy!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pointless Video

Ah, since Photobucket's video doesn't seem to be working, I uploaded the pointless video onto YouTube, and here it is, where you can actually view it! :D

Media Upload!

Just click on the pictures to view the bigger version!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Crushing Pressure

This past week, or two, has been quite hectic. (Hay, all this stress)

Today is the start of our periodical exms, and boy, I really do hate the first day of exams. Mainly because Chinese is always the first (one of the first of two) test. And this year, well, this quarter our teacher have one hell of a reviewer. Studying what we took in our long tests (all of them), and then adding some more. Of course 3 long tests is hard enough, but adding more to that load is hell!

And along with Chinese, there's Trigonometry. Well, honestly, Trigo's not so bad. I wouldn't go as far to say that I actually enjoy studying Trigo, but it could be worse. Much worse. It's not so hard, I wonder why my mom said that she had a harder time in Trigo then Algebra. She's supposed to be a real whiz at math, she claims that she was when she was still studying... Ok, that was not what she said, but she did say that she was good at math and she liked the subject.

Insert: Congratulations to Ms. Amarille for winning 1 million pesos on Deal or No Deal a while ago. :D

More pressure... vv;;

And now, more research has to be done. Debate calls...

Debate. Wow, what an unexpected thing debate turned out to be. I originally joined it this year, simply to find a way past my "speaking problem". This problem being uncommunicative, having a soft voice, and having a slight fear of speaking in front of crowds.

I must say, debate is really helping. But the thing is, I've been entered into a competition, and I feel so unprepared!!! The competition is on the 19th, the Oregon-Oxford division of the CMLI - Children's Museum Library, Inc.

Yada na! And what a... difficult topic we have. "Let it be resolved that sex education be taught comprehensively in the Philippines... Haay, we had a practice debate last Thursday, and I couldn't even get past the lousy 5 minute line... Grr... Damnit. It's a somewhat uncomfortable topic, and if you remove religious aspect/views, you just slice off a big portion of your speaking time.

At least I have been doing my research, so I have quite a few arguments now, but I won't be posting them here, until after the competition. Who knows? A St. Paul girl might stumble upon this almost completely black site and see my arguments and gain an ENORMOUS advantage over us, however unlikely this might be.

Hyper, hyper, hyper...

I want a Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cream grande size please. And, please add a Tiramisu cake as well :)

I'll ask our maid to buy me one tomorrow, while I'm waiting to be picked up. Man, I hate Tuesdays!