Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summer Life, About to Begin


We-ell... I've been going around and around squealing that very word there over and over and over again on IMs and forums... So, Frankie's right about me having gone insane. No wait... That seemed to be a (very) delayed diagnosis... I've been insane for about... Hmm... three, maybe four, years now...

And as a reply to Frankie's, ahem, comment on my previous post...

"I'm not in the States... Yet. I'll be leaving this weekend. Yehay!!! *goes on another hyper streak* And, you kinda are the meaner seed, I'm just the weirdo one. XD"

Ah... The joys of summer time... The sun, the sea, and the shit.

For the past, like probably four years, I've sworn allegiance to the moon and it's cool darkness. After the sunburns I've gotten from spending all day swimming in the sun, during summer, on my birthday, at the party, I've started to hate it and it's gradual plot to cook me into... Well, something cooked! Hopefully not letchon!

And since I hate the sun, I've grown to hate the sea as well... Not the sea in itself, per se, but what you do when you're within a 50 meter radius of it. In other words, the beach. The horrid air seems even hotter than usual, and I think it actually is. I believe we had a Science lesson on how it's hotter by the water than away from it, take note, this was from a Grade 4/5 class.

Damn. I remember stuff from elementary and I can't even retain what we learned from 1st year Biology?!

Oh, wait... I never learned those things in 1st year to even recall them... (I hope you're not reading this, Mrs. Peralta... *whistles innocently*

Well, that brings me to the shit. Not the dog shit you find on the street, or even the shit you find in the toilet, real shit. I want to elaborate on that, since for the past few months my figures of speach have been taken seriously, very much so that it really ticks me off. T.T Grrr... So, I'm an incoming senior in MHCS, big deal... Exactly, big deal. No metaphor, no simile, and definitely no irony there.

Big, BIG deal!

In the 1st quarter of our school year, we'll be sending in our application forms to the various universities and colleges (I'm not actually too clear on what the difference is...) we are interested in, and even some of those we aren't, just to be on the anxious, frantic safe side. And even right now, months from it, I feel a distinct pressure building up. I want to get into Ateneo, but I'm worried about my grades and my adversity for studying. It's gotten me here so far, but how long can I maintain this carefree attitute to studying? How long can my retention save me from failing?

That's why I'm taking this review class up. So everyday, I have to wake up before seven in the morning and rush around preparing myself for class. Since we can wear anything we like, I'm much faster than usual. There's even more incentive since my brother's bringing me there... Argh!!!

So, regardless of how much sleep I've had the previous night, ahem, day, I have to sit in a class of fifty or so mainly noisy male student and listen to a teacher. Sucks right? Actually, surprisingly not. At least apart from today.

The first day was a simple pre-diagnostic exam, "to test how much you know so far..." blah, blah... So, no more details on that, for now, so onto the second day, which was more or less easy enough as well... "Test taking strategies..."

The third and fifth days were English. I actually expected English to be relatively easy for me... 'Fraid not... For the most part, how do I put it, it was... Challenging. The vocabulary was much more advanced than I expected, but surprisingly, the logic part was quite fun. I enjoyed the games and arguments... We got an assignment from our teacher, a certain professor from UP, Ms. Edlyn Jimenez, we have to take note of 20-30 words per day to sufficiently raise our vocabulary level to what is required to get into UP.

Well, yeah, that UP, and I want to get into Ateneo. So... I'd have to work even harder, because I figure it, there'd be a tougher English regimen there. In addition to that, I'm horribly weak at Filipino, so when we had a practice test on Filipino, I was totally freaked out when I saw that I could only answer 4/40 of the vocabulary questions... T.T

Anyway, the 4th and 6th days were dedicated to the persuit of enlightenment in mathematics... ^^'' Right... Told you I was insane... Either way, the first day was spend reviewing our Albegraic knowledge. This surprised me a lot, since usually I have something that involves numbers and equations, but I enjoyed class, yes, indeed, I had fun... The world gets weirder everyday... Although, the Geometry class really gave me the much needed stability after all the confusion... Wahahaha! Geometry was all right, since I could remember part of what we studied in our sophomore year, but I enjoyed it much less than the Algebra class, which is opposite of what happens in school.

Aaand... Today was... dun-dun-dun! Totally boring! Biology... I was so bored that I almost fell asleep! >.<'' It was so embarassing as well, see, I'm seated in the center of the class, and am certain that our teacher can see me dozing off, eyes dropping from 2 meters away...


I hope Chemistry tomorrow is more fun. Learning is nice, that's for certain, but I wish it were fun.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

IniD Freak, Ahoy Matey!

Well, yeah, I feel like a total weirdo right now. If you've read Solan's blog today, you've seen her side of the story (Ahem, dragging me around Greenbelt, Landmark, and Glorietta, I think not.) but hey, it's her side, it can be perceived any way she wants it to be. So, I'll just go on and nod at it, day dreaming about my intensing (is that really a word...?) addiction. And if you've seen the title, you know what I'm talking about.

Fujiwara, the man I have never defeated, advised a young and hopeful Iketani to keep thinking and trying out techniques, it's the only way he'd get better.

I've been thinking, and I've been trying out a portion of what I've thought of. My arms don't want to move, damnit! Also, I've been reading through the forum I recently joined, Initial D World (http://idforums.net/index.php) and it does help. A lot. Although, I'd have to say that regardless of all the frustration of not being able to turn as I want (note the keyword) to be able too (equals more trying to figure out the turns) my times are improving, even by a couple of (milli) seconds.

But enough of that, I'm actually in a happy mood now. Why?
1. I finally got 990+ points on the RX8 I've been playing for ages.
2. I tried the old Impreza (GC8V) I bought ages ago (as well) and totally fell in love with it's performance!

It was really amazing how it performed. At first, I didn't realize it, really. I had already finished Myogi, did it right after I bought it, so I tried the next few course this late afternoon. It was pretty good at Usui and Akagi (although Keisuke was able to pass me at one point), but it's performance on Akina really shocked me. It was totally, well, amazing. It took turns easily enough, much better than my RX8. After all the "it's", my conclusion is... I love it. XP

Really. A car that can beat the first four stages without any loss is one that I will love and treasure forEVAH! (Yeah, that's insanity right there.) Takumi, I'm coming for you!

And so, at the day's end, the blogger went insane and jumped on a pirate's ship and hijacked it, leaving all the scurvies writhing on the planks, waiting to be fed to the sharks awaiting their meal.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Boom Tara Boom-Boom!

So... The 13th Angel, or whatever her previous name was, I can't remember anymore, has become Solan, another translation of the Nightshade. Since she has gone back to blogging (she's free! Hurrah!), her blog inspired me to write something about what has been up since our release from our educational prison. Well, not quite anymore, seeing that the rules have become so freely un-enforced (Psst... I hardly wore my ID in the year.) I don't think that the title is so befitting anymore.

It has changed so much since my arrival there like... 11, dunno, years ago? Back in Kinder, life was so easy and simple... This school year, well... It's not quite so easy, and not as simple. I don't know why, but when I try, or try, but not so much, it already gets me places... So I ponder the effect of really trying. Hah! I hope to get a medal.

But really. The 4th quarter was moderately tough, my Filipino and Trigonometry dropped by a few points, but I was so HAPPY! My average for the quarter just rose 3 points! (>.<) Yayness! I got a sudden 89.75 somethings, compared to my 86 average, the increase in grades make me happy. I mean, who wouldn't be?

There was a really strange thing at the award ceremony though. This year, we had this special award thingy. I don't know really, I get the feeling that the school ordered more medals than medalists then decided to award those from the clubs who "did something for the school". Bah at the whateverness of the thing. Personally, since they said this, I expected that they'd give me something for my lackluster performance in the Debate Society, but the Journalism Club?! Heck, I could've gotten the position of Managing Editor (the exact title has faded from my memory after a grueling 10 months of school), but, quite honestly, I did not do a single damn thing there. So, my initial reaction was shock. My second reaction though was skepticism. You guess why.

Now, summer vacation has started! I'm freeeeeeeeee!!!

So, you'd think that summer has been a blast so far? Wrong.

Boring is the best word to describe my activity (inactivity) for the past 3 (?) weeks. Actually, I went shopping (Book shopping, not clothes shopping. I'll leave that to the 2 fashionistas on board.) and bought a pile of books. Out of the 6 books I've bought, I've already read 4. And that was last Tuesday, I think. The really stupid thing is, I bought 2 copies of the same book.

I just purchased the Tales of the Otori books. To my knowledge, so far there are 3 around, but to my stupidity, I have book 1 (Across the Nightingale Floor) and 2 copies of book 3 (Brilliance of the Moon). Man how I love the title. So since I have a thing for wanting to read it in order, I will not even touch the 3rd book till I've read the second. In the end, I have resorted to reading the Psychology textbook, college textbook, I purchased a year or so ago, out of pure boredome and a bit of interest and curiousity thrown in.

Just so you know, the title had no intended meaning, just some random crap title I dug up from the confines of the graves in my mind.