Friday, September 29, 2006

Milenyo! Bagyo!

Rain, rain, rain... Typically, I love the rain, it's God's gift to mankind and students! Whenever they (I forgot their organization's name) announce that the typoon has reached signal number 2, all of my school rejoices because this only means one thing, NO CLASSES!!!

The ironic thing is that we really have no classes, damnit! Teacher's Day and this is when we get sprung by Milenyo! Couldn't it have come on Monday or some other school day?!

More Old News

Yes, another happening from a week ago. I just happened to be lazy that day, I love being lazy on weekends, anyway, point is coming. Since I didn't want to go to church that day (I'm so bad Xl) I ended up stalling, and stalling, and stalling until the expected result came. "Yan, I'm late na, it's embarrassing to go inside (the sanctuary). We won't go any more."

Yess! So instead of going to the church we went to Glorietta. Yes, yes, no need to critic the evil un-Christian act. But when we went there, we pasted by dan-dan-da-dan! A book sale, it's Shepherd’s Staff's hallway sale! Haha, for lack of term of course.

I enjoyed buying a pile of books, some books are to be crossed out on my book list, no wait.... Err... Yeah! This Present Darkness was retrieved and stole (ie bought) and so was House (by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker XD!), The Regime, and The Rising ( by the authors of the Left Behind series, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins XD!!!) I've been wanting those books for ages!

Anyway, that was only in the morning, after that we went to Megamall to go and watch Joseph the Dreamer. Yes, as in the Bible story. It was an overly hyperactive musical where the actors went over to the aisles to go off and clap their heads of.

It was probably an enjoyable thing, only thing is that I'm not that kind of girl. I don’t savor people going overboard trying to be cheery, heck I find that extremely annoying. I don’t mean trying to be happy when you aren’t, I meant the kind of hyperactive cheeriness.

The songs were nice… Cheery overdose, but cute, like High School Musical cute. And the director who, well, directed the play was also the one who did our school’s musical years ago, or was that only a year ago... Anyway, First Name was directed by Mr. Freddie Santos…

There. And man oh man, is reading the Illiad taking a long time...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Bad News

I've actually got a whole bunch of things to blog about, but to help keep the blog organized, I'll be posting it in three parts. First of all the bad news...

Mr. Santos, our English teacher, as I've blogged about before, is not coming back. I don't mean that he's dead, at least I hope that he isn't... We received news earlier this week, like Tuesday, that he supposedly resigned from school. He was supposed to come back last Monday and when he didn't we were all distressed.

Damn... It's so sad!

We still don't know what family problem may be causing him to do this, but I got an English teacher to talk somehow. He hinted that Mr. Santos' mom was sickly and that he was the only unmarried child.

I can put two and two together. My theory is that since his mother is sickly, he quit school to be with her. But that pretty much goes without saying, with those clues anyway.

Teacher Irene, my old Science tutor, also left tutor to help her mother. And Teacher Elisa, my ex-tutor of English, also had to leave, but only for a much shorter time, to be with her father in Davao.

Even though their students feel bad about what they are doing, I have to admit that I think that they are doing the right thing. Family should come before work, much like the moral of the movie of Adam Sandler, Click.

Anyway, a result of this disappearance, I mean Mr. Santos', is that students are looking for him, this is also very obvious. He was very well-loved teacher at MHCS. The runt of the crap is that he was our class advisor and debate moderator. I was looking forward to having him as our teacher for the year and this comes up.

The debate club is not the only one who is whoe-ing in this event. The Dance Club, or Icarus, feels the same way. I saw them once interrogating our English head, Ms. Dimzon. I actually wanted to laugh at them, not at offence (no way!). I was just amused when I compared our style of interrogating to theirs. When they go "please, sige na", we go "why not? we have the right to know". But thinking back, I think you need a balance between the two to get the right results, and a more talkative teachers...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Update, update...

Yup, my over interest in making my blog look nicer has succeded, the only thing preventing it from being as I wish it to be is Blogger itself. It is not allowing me to move my new banner on top of the page in place of that plain bordered thing above. The hell, screw it! Just scroll down (press end on your keyboard) and view it at the bottom.

Anyway, onto more important things (apart from the fact that I actually got a visitor! XD). Our team lost a while ago against St. Scholastica. We lost. We lost. We loooooosssssttttt!!!

Four months of work...

First of all, Edward, our very impractical practical speaker, had to be late. Like, we were supposed to meet at school at 7:00am (it's beyond the point that I got there at 7:20), and he arrived at past 8. So we were frantically texting him (meaning, I was texting him frantically) to hurry up or we might be defaulted. Somehow I find that I'd prefer being defaulted rather than losing. It just hurts my pride I suppose.

I wonder how our Mr. Santos would react to this. He is scheduled to come back to school on Monday, and our news for him would be that we lost against St. Scho, who everyone else in the club was scoffing at.

Man, is the coming week ever going to be embarassing...


I've been working hard on improving, colorizing (squee...) my blog... I'm actually trying to make a banner for it as well, but it's so plain, I want to get some, something. Those little decorations you see by the main point of banner like lines or stars, or even simple circles. Bah, I wish someone could just make one for me...

Oh well, in my last entry I actually forgot something greatly significant. Some other important, well, to me at least, event happened. We had went to a career fair in a place whose name I can no longer remember, basta, it's near WTC, right beside it if I'm not mistaken, and visited La Salle...

The career fair was actually nice, I found a university there that attracted my attention, James Cook University in Singapore. My parents have been interested in sending me to Singapore for quite some time now actually. The one that interested them though was the Polytechnic University though, I think. I'm not good with names I don't use often. I mean, I haven't seen the brochure for years now.

Anyway, in the fair we were just cicling the place, filled with fellow high school students from I don't know where schools. And the thing is, we found our uniform mates there. The school's girl's uniform sported the same kind of skirt, our unique, but not so now, gray-checkered skirt! The shirt was entirely different though.

Anyway, there were loads of collages, universities and schools there. UP was actually there but the thing is, there was no one at the UP booth, there were only some lame photocopied brochures on the desk laying there idly. My comment on that was, "They're so liberal that they just stand up and leave their booth." There was a Ricky Reyes and a JRP booth there as well!

Haha, the Ricky Reyes dudes actually did a demonstration there in the middle, the dudes "fixed" the hair of like... 5 (?) unlucky victims. Haha, JRP was actually giving away 1 free session just to sign up, as all the other schools were doing. And my mental monologue was going, "I still have 2 more free sessions, I don't need another one, much less one I don't want to go to..."

Anyway, I like the Lyceum of the Philippines booth, it looked like the dudes there really worked hard on it, they put a a big, erm... I actually don't know what it is, but it was like they had this big red column in the middle of the exhibit. And I won a messenger bag! Whoot! This is the bag I'm going to be using to the competition tomorrow. Yikes!

After the fair, we went to La Salle. Since I waited for my friends, Dani and Clarissa, in the restrooms, we got left behind by our batch... O.o Haha, it was certainly an experience to remember... The first time we went to La Salle, we got lost... Anyway, I did't enjoy our tour there since they were only discussing about the different Engineering courses and God knows I've got no interest in that field at all.

The thought of doing math for the rest of my life scares me.

Anyway, back to the present. I've got a competition tomorrow. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be working, and I am, I'm working on my patience. My matter is printing in nice purple, no wait, I forgot to change it... It's printing in distinct black... And damn... won't it hurry up, I want to watch Initial D!

The replay is in 10 minutes...

Anyway, got to go, please comment on my ShoutBox. It's a lot more obvious, well, it stands out a lot more. I mean, PINK! My site is hosting pink! Pink, orange, black, white! It has colors!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Students' Night

What a Thursday night it was... Seriously, what can I say?

Our theme was MVP high, as in First Day High Rexona commercial. So, since I hate my basketball outfit worse than my tennis outfit, I dressed up as a lost tennis player, no, no, no... Hmm, a tennis player who lost her racket. Since, it would certainly be a problem if I had bothered to bring one.

Oh, that reminds me that I should upload my videos soon.

There were a few booths of stuff for consumption, like barbeque (this was really popular), and ice cream. Mmm... Something to keep in mind when going to fairs. If you are staying late into the program (or whatever), expect the prices of the booths to become cheaper as the closing time approaches.

Real life example:
Dani and I went off to buy some ice cream, ten-fifteen minutes later they were selling ice cream buy one take one.
*sigh* Anyway, that day I had only like... P45 in my wallet, so I could only buy 1 hot dog, 1 ice cream cone, and one glass of ice tea.

Anyway, just singing, singing, and whatever. It's the regular, talented MHCS concert. Nothing supremely different from all the other concerts and performances our school holds. There were two bands, one of which had my friend from debate, which I didn't really like. The first one for it's not-so-good singer, and the other one for its musical style. I'm just not an acoustic kind of girl.

I appreciate rock at its fullest!

And Frankie, if you're reading this, you'll find that I remembered that title that I loved so much, "Makeshift Melodies"! :D

When I figure out how to use YouSendIt, we can start our mp3 blog!


my pet!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


my pet!

So what if I have a total lack of name originality?


my pet!


my pet!

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Save Harold - game

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