Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How to Deal with Annoying People (What to Do When You Can't Avoid Them)

How to Deal with Annoying People (What to Do When You Can't Avoid Them)
By: Bob Phillips and Kimberly Alyn

Don't you ever wish that some people could just go away and disappear? Well, you're certainly not alone. Psst... Everyone has moments like these, if you didn't realize that by now. How to Deal with Annoying People (or HTDWAP, as I will be referring to it) helps you realize how different people are, and makes the very old and generally accepted saying "Do onto other, as you would like others to do onto you." not as wise as it sounds.

The book explains why people act and react differently, so treating people how you want to be treated does not always garner the desired result. So, it identifies the general strengths and weakness of each one of the four social styles, and helps you determine the styles of others as well. The purpose? So you can adapt to them and reduce conflict.

That's what the book, this very enjoyable book, is all about. Reducing conflict. Though... HTDWAP does mention the point that conflict isn't all bad. It can build... stuff, stuff you have to read the book to find out about.

- by A Conspiracy Toss

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baby Cars and Barkadas

Well, today was the third day of driving school, A1, my sixth hour, though I wasn't driving for the entirety of the lessons. Either way, it's an exciting experience, getting in a car and going wherever. Wherever the instructor says anyway.

It gives me a chance to go to the mall as well. Today was... not particularly eventful.

I did buy three news car, baby cars!

Well, not baby cars, technically. They're just smaller than most of my die-cast models, so the appropriate term is mini, but when I'm left to decide which one I prefer, I'd take "baby" any day.

My new baby FC! My WRC Evo6! My yellow S2000! (And dang, now I realize how good the S2K looks in that color.)

The FC... *sigh* When I wandered around Toy Kingdom, I headed for the toy car section, as I always do, with the intention of searching for a nice Evo die-cast of some sort. And I did, as is apparent in the paragraph above. My FC, my new FC. It's a Ryousuke FC, not the big one I already have, but a baby (mini) version for my chibi Trueno to race (and the Evo6, and the S2000, and the RX8, and the 350Z, and the D1 FD) *sigh*

Anyway, what's the deal with barkadas, you may ask, as it seems to be a big deal of some sort in my title. Well, it's just that I find them annoying when it comes to IDAS. They flock to a machine, just for the heck of it. Of course, I can't say that they shouldn't be on a machine, it's just I find them vexing. Grr!

So instead of a flock of guys challenging me on ID, I got a trio of girls instead. Myogi. *falls asleep* Usually, I love racing these guys. More point to battle Bunta with, but then I had to go. Like, had to go. Not to the comfort room to seek comfort with Mr. Toilet, but back to SM. So I had to purposely lost against the 3rd girl, just so I could get out of there. *sigh* What a waste of load. I could've squeezed 10k points from them. And there was the bunch of guys. And that little boy who was stomping on the pedal. (Nooo... Don't kill the machine!!!)

Well, that was the rant, now the rave.

It is coming!

IDAS4 to G4 Timezone!

It was posted on the IDW forums, an e-mail from Timezone saying that IDAS4 and WMMT3 will be coming! And it is confirmed! IDAS4 is coming! The attendant said that the machines are being delivered this month! This month!

Which means... Which means... *passes out* I will probably be playing AS4 after the UPCAT! What a way to celebrate! :D

I don't care what the guys out there are saying. "The physics are out of whack" and shit, but I don't care. I want to play it. I don't care if it costs P29, I'm so playing it. Staring at the graphics make me practically drool. XD

Ok, out of hyper mode.... Now.

Frankie, you may take my picture. In front of the machine. Yay!