Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Day in School, with the Test Looming Ahead Menacingly...

Eep... I really should get to studying my Chinese now. I've been blabbering about it for the past few post now, and it seems like I'm really worried about it... It shall soon be over, and the torment of having this super-significant test ahead shall be lifted off my shoulders, then dropped back on in a day or two, if I'm lucky...

Man, how could our teacher be so mean?! We have a long test tomorrow and she's already giving us our next lesson! But then again, Sir Dadap is a different thing, he gives his lessons in advance, I'm talking 2/3 lessons ahead of the quizzed stuff. But this is life, it's not like we can command the teachers what and what not to give in the tests... Oh well, just study and study until breaktime...

The organizational chart for the Journalism club was released, to those who visited the CandlePen room earlier, and it seems there's a spot in the Executive Council for me... :D I'm going to apply for... Editor-in-Chief... Wow... I've been wanting an editor post for a while now, but never had enough inscentive to ask about it last year... So, obviously, I didn't get the post... That's life. But this year, the editor-in-chief position can only go to 3rd years, I'm not sure if a student from any other level is allowed to take it though... claps hands... I know that I have no real experience in editing, apart from Y's work, and mine, but I will find a way to fit it into my schedule, which is really starting to look a tab bit crammed... Oooh...

When the application forms for the Social Science Club comes out I have to discern whether I can still handle that kind of load, although I am very interested in it. Looks at time, the crappy Initial D in Filipino is on now, and next week so will Samurai 7. The "Grand Finale" is going to start next week, so I expect that Project D is either battling against Wataru or the ugly Evo dudes.

I've started on the Initial D crossword, it's a mostly vertical puzzle. If anyone's interested, I'm willing to share my Get Backers one, and my Literature one as well, though ironically, the spelling in the Literature puzzle isn't quite right. Especially for the Filipino ones... ^^;;

And once again I shall revert to my previous form... If I'm still awake at 2 later on, I won't bother to sleep anymore... And by the way, today's mission was failed.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Found Movie Site!

Quite literally, it's a few found (Asian) movie site... Well, this is for me though...!!! Here I found a version of the Initial D Live-Action movie, with subtitles! Haha... I jumped at the chance to watch it, and understand what they're saying at the same time... I like the site... Piracy, but right now, I'm not too concerned...

You have to register, and have Winamp 5 Full Edition, to watch the videos there. I think those with a slower connection have some major waiting to do. You watch it online, so there's buffering involved, and well... It takes some time, and... I don't think I have much to say about the site since there isn't too much anime (yes, actual Japanese animation) on it. But I do have an issue with their search bar... When I remove my "description" it automatically puts it back... So how the heck am I going to find anything other than Initial D. Although I was hoping to find a complete version of the Battle Stage... Pouts...

Oh yeah... I have to go and use that 50 free mp3s I got when I downloaded then new Winamp... :D Eyes blaze happily... But I'm planning to go and wake up at five, so I can study Chinese some more... Damnit... Rain! Typhoon! Rallies! Anything to delay the test!!!

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The Bunker Chronicles

Wow... It's the blog of Sir Ching of the World History/Social Science class! All I can say is that the picture on the profile looks and bit... silly? :D Yay... no punishment for opinionated blogs, right? Though he probably doesn't know about mine, or who I am so... I'm still safe, from him...

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hide and Seek

All right... I know I'm supposed to be studying for Chinese but it's a real turn off not knowing (much?) of what you're studying... And also, I know from experience that I have practically no hope of passing a Chinese test of that length if I study for only a day, ok, not only a day. I've already finished the word and meaning, then the word and example words, and then one and a half of the question and answer portion...

I wonder if I still have enough time to dedicate to the Social Studies (or whatever their name is) Club; I mean, I hardly have enough time for myself. That is deducting the time I spend for continuing my fic "I Can Only Dream". I think that this is my second or third Initial D fic, the other two have shared the fate of most of my many other stories, strewn to the corner of the room in frustration of not being able to think of anything to add. That is figuratively speaking, I wouldn't dare throw my laptop! Never in my life! Well... Unless I get a new one and this old falling apart piece of ThinkPad hits a major glitch... But hopefully, for the sake of my ThinkPad, that doesn't happen. And to console that peice of computer, I would like to say that I'm not fond of harming pieces of expensive gadgets, most especially the one that my Papa gave to me.

But that makes me think. I really got frustrated when I bought my iPod... A (few) week(s) after I got it, the iPod video came out, with a 60GB capacity as well... Considering that I have almost 20GB worth of videos, 6GB worth of music and 4-5GB worth of images, I think I could really use that. But then again, who would want to watch anime on an iPod? Ahem, a non-Japanese literate otaku, that is. So, the hell with it. Computers exists, although the one in the English club room (I want to say Journalism Club, but the Debate Society and the Icarus dance club share it with us... But then again, I'm a member of the Debate Society as well...) doesn't like my USB storage devices...

A while ago, I stumbled upon my (relatively) ancient Get Backers Crossword puzzle. Haha, I can still answer most of the question even if it has been what 2 (3?) years? But that makes me think as well... Maybe one of these days, when I'm not too sleepy at midnight, I may as well make an Initial D one. My other fandoms haven't lasted as long as my Get Backers or Initial D fandom. Asobotto Senki Goku lasting 2-3 months, Samurai 7 lasting 4-5. Get Backers lasted for about a year and a half I think. Initial D is almost going to strike a year, August being the reference point. But then again, Get Backers had only one season. Initial D has 3 seasons (6 if you count the anime movie and the OVA, then 7 if you count the Live-Action Movie as well) with 26+13+24=63 (?) anime episodes. And probably more to come.

Speaking of Get Backers, I found this strange anomaly on Wikipedia.

When I was reading up on Fullmetal Alchemist I came upon this. Neya Michiko-san seems to have voiced Maria Noches? When I read that I must've gone a double-take and a jaw drop combo. Maria Noches was never in the anime, so what the heck is Neya-san doing seiyu-ing her? Thinks... Does Maria Noches come up in the Drama CDs...? Blink, blink... Maybe...? Haha... I almost asked my brother to buy me some of the Get Backers OSTs when he when to Japan a few years ago. Little did I know that OSTs are basically the background instrumental music that you hear in the anime to set the mood.

:P Actually, I asked him to buy the three Vocal Battle Stages of Initial D. He came back with two since the third one, the Takahashi brothers one, was out of stock. And a few days to a bit after a week, I found the Initial D treasureload torrent... And, well, I never told my brother that I wasted his money. :( Haha... *nervous laughter*

I'm hoping to try out the IRC channel one of these weekends, when there isn't a long test in Chinese looming in on me. There's more music there, supposedly, and manga! I tried to download from I site, but the download keeps on closing because of something I can't remember anymore... Bahala si Batman...

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Friday, June 23, 2006


Gaah! Panic! Run for your pitiful lives(no offence meant)! Save Our Souls! While your making SOS signals you may as well call in the rallyists to go off and start one right now, well not now but on Tuesday, and while they're at it, they may as well cause a disruption on Monday! *goes hysterical*

Ok, breathe in, breathe out, don't forget your medication... :p No, I don't really need medication beyond the scope of vitamins, and iron pills, but I suppose that is under the branch of vitamins. Oh well... The reason I'm in hysterics is that we've finally been piled upon by quizzes, long tests, and homeworks. And it really does pill up when you procratinate... (I never seem to learn...)

One, on Monday, there's a Filipino test on the life of Jose Rizal... Yeah, it's been... Interesting(lol, that word has never left my regular vocabulary since Akabane) studying about the guy. It's been genuinely fascinating, to read about the testament of Filipino brilliance on the net. This is the best Jose Rizal site, the only one that I consider "very good" on my standard, I've seen. But studying about for the purpose of having a FILIPINO test on him is a completely different thing. Honestly, I wouldn't be complaining about it(too much) if it were in English, but unfortunately it isn't. We have to study Noli me Tangere this year, and *cries* so far the first forty pages of the English translation I acquired this summer, have been something that causes me to want to drop my head onto my chest and go back to sleep(land). I'm sorry! I know it's supposed to be a veritable masterpiece, but I like something that slams me into the action and flings me around, not letting go, until I turn the last page... *makes a frown-y face*

Speaking of brilliance, I made another avatar... Well, avatars are supposed to be small, but you won't be able to see the text if it's 100x100, so this one is 290x290.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Two, on Tuesday, oh talk about torture and conspiring teachers, this is it. First of all, we have a Chemistry quiz on "the concentration of substances" or something along the lines of that. Basta, it's about concentration and all those annoying formulas and equations, damnit! And apart from this Science frustration, we have(suspense music) Chinese. Dramatic pause. Long test... Panic ensues. We have about four, no it's five now, pages to study. And considering that my handwriting can get really tiny, like this tiny. Winces. Let's see what is included... The word, with phonetic sounds and pin yin, and meaning, then the question and answer portion, five question, each with considerably long answers, then after that we have that portion when you provide examples of how you can use the specified word, and after that we have the part that you have to write the phonetic sounds along with the pin yin matching the provided word, after that there's the correct the word usage, and after that there's that test where you have to give an exmaple word then the phonetic sound with the pin yin.

I can't remember what we have for Wednsday...

Thursday, there's an English long test on this day, actually this test was supposed to have been given today, then it was transferred to Tuesday, then to its present schedule, Thursday.

On Friday, oh no! Our group has to do a class reporting! On India's early civilization and it's contributions! Damnit again. We want to use Powerpoint our report, but oh, I really don't like our current History teacher. When he discusses it's like he hardly does anything but rephrase and summarize what the book has to say. Nothing more. So basically, when it's class time I just bring out my History book and my trusty bright, bright yellow highlighter and create a page full of glaringly bright paragraphs to torture myself in the future.

Sigh, my schedule is tight right now having Debate on Tuesdays and Thursday, then Journalism on Fridays. I was proposing that they make a Saturday schedule, but no one agreed with me. Blah...

Anyway, I finished the Perfumed Sleeve a few days ago and found the ending quite... surprising. After my current book, I'm going book hunting for the Sano Ichiro series!!!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh well...

I tried to put my quiz result here again, but to no avail, once more. Oh well... May it be a glitch in Quizilla, I think so because when I previewed it, as I do with all my post before I... Erm, post it... Anyway, it didn't come up, there was so many "%"s and "/"s and some text like "boys" "girls" and whatever. I don't think Quizilla and Blogger are compatable. This is the picture of my result:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Looks to the television, and it seems like it is the Queen(of England?)'s birthday... Yup, it's her birthday, Happy Birthday Queenie!

And speaking of celebrations, it is Father's Day tomorrow, as well as my brother's birthday. Haha, double party for him, lucky guy. What else can I say... But Happy Birthday!

I decided to put a "book" and "game" part in my closing line(s) because it seems that it's not only my mood and music that ends up constantly changing. :D

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Stressful Insomnia

Compared to what last week was like, this week must be at least twice of it, speaking of stresslevel that is. Let's see what did we have to accomplish last week...

Last week there was a Chinese test, which(miraculously) I studied for, so I probably got a good score on that. And, well, the other things we did in school were pretty much discuss, discuss, discuss. This rules, that rules, my policy, and all that... blah. I want to say crap, but let's avoid profanity.

Anyway, let's recap this week. There was a Chemistry quiz last Monday, solutions of the, well, Chemistry type, what other kind of solutions would you tackle in Chemistry? Math solutions, I suppose, but fortunately we haven't gotten there... yet.

Tuesday, well, first of all, it is the duty of a student to study, and this year I will for once in my high school life, fulfill this duty, not relinquishing my music and anime priveledges of course. And what else... oh yes, there was a debate meet again, which I really enjoy actually, so that's not so stressful, is it? Yeah... But I study after I go to debate, so yeah, it's still stressful. Goes off to pout like a child...

Wednsday, hmm... It seems like my short term memory is cracking up again, what was so special about that day again...? Oh yeah, I got to see Yami again, after a very long summer vacation, I feel like I haven't seen her for ages, as I just said, I have this problem with remembering stuff that isn't on paper. Ok, I didn't mention the on paper part, but that's pretty much what I usually remember. Even right after someone says something to me, I forget about it almost instantly, but what I write is a completely differnt matter. I can still remember the things I wrote like... Two years ago, when I was still obsessed with the Get Backers. Oh, well, as long as I don't forget the important things it's pretty all right, I hope...

Thursday... Another debate meet? Scratches head for a moment... Uh huh... I have to think for a moment first... Aha, now I remember. Yesterday was when we started taking those CEM(Centralize Exam M-something, Measurement I think). English was pretty much easy, and since the test lasted for about... One and a half hour, I got to sleep for a little less than an hour, which I was very grateful for since for these past weekdays, I've been sleeping at past twelve catching up on Full Metal Alchemist, not that I'm addicted to it or anything. I'm still on Initial D fever. Want proof, while I'm typing this, the replay of the episode today, which I haven't watched yet, is showing, and no qualms are sprouting from me now, except these ones... And then there was Math. Dramatic pause. Dun-dun-dun-dun! Standardized Math tests these days seemed to get harder and harder. Last year, I remember complaining about the tests being hard, and now I shall continue that rant. The test yesterday was composed of questions, half of which I just guessed since I really have no idea what a harmonic or a geographic sequence is, nor have I ever seen that in our books. And the thing is, so many questions were about those two thingys, so there were so many things I had to guess about.

And so, when I tell my mother about these, she critisizes me! She said that I should know these things, that I should study my book, or do extra research. Pfft. Pfft. And more pfft. Last time I ever let you into my life. I don't even like Math, why the hell in the world would I want to do extra research on the thing?! Damnit. All right, ignore my message about avoiding profanity, screw avoiding profanity, the hell with it. Profanity was invented for a reason, to vent your frustrations on, and so I shall make use of it very generously. **************************

Hey, profanity or not, I will still screen cursing, cussing, nah, cursing yeah.

Now, replay for... yesterday... Haha... I always seem to type my post up a few minutes before midnight and when I start to talk about today, today has already become yesterday. Lol. The exceptions are of course when I'm typing in the morning/afternoon, but heck, this seems to be my regular time so... Squat. Nothing, just mindless, no not mindless, bored rambling.

But, now I want to wrap up, since I want to get a decent amount of sleep today, at least six hours would be pretty much nice, since it's been four hours, five hours recently. A while ago, Dani was complaining about... stuff I guess, she mentioned that things seemed to go wrong today. I have a different point of view though. Those CEM poeple gave us the wrong testpapers/booklets(whatever) so they had to go back to wherever they came from and replace the Biology test with the Chemisty test. So instead of taking the test at eight, we get to take it at ten. Wohoo! Who says that's a bad thing? It simply means that we get English instead of Chinese, hardly an equal trade.

In the corner of the English subject, we have Mr. Santos. Funny and energetic, has really fun lessons! And in the corner of the Chinese subject, we have Lao Shi... Ok, I admit I don't know how to spell her name in pinyin, so let's go with the pinin of teacher. Nice, kind, but there is an invisible, but at the same time very visible language barrier preventing most of the class to fully appriciate her classes. But the main reason I was suitably glad for the reprieve from her class is that we supposedly have a long test next Friday, but if we have nothing to be tested on, how can we take a test? Wahahaha!!! Celebration, bring out the champagne, well, for display, just to emphasize the fact that we're celebrating(for a hopefully correct piece of logic).

Also, there was a Journalism Club meeting a while ago. Our new moderator wants to change it to the "Journalism Society". He said that it being named a club, makes it sound clique-ish, but "we want to include other people, liek a community". Ok that was a supposed, revised verison of what he really said, but that was the gist of it. But honestly, I don't see any point in that. It didn't occur to me that it might sound clique-ish, of course it doesn't it looks/seems/sounds clique-ish to those who aren't in the club, not to those who are actually are in it. And I'm probably one of the senior members, if by senior you mean how long have you been in the club that is. Counting this year, I'll have been a member of the Journalism Club for six years, since grade five. Grade seven doesn't exist in our school.

I volunteered to advertise the club to the grade four students, just so I wouldn't have to advertise to the older ones. I hope you agree that grade four students are less critical than their predesessors, because if you don't(why escapes my logic) I'll end up really nervous next Monday.

Hmm... I've gained a new found appriciation for remix tracks. By remix tracks, I mean songs that are remixed, not the remix track that is composed of many different songs put together, I've been fond of this type for some time now. And, I really wouldn't have guessed that Neya Michikowould end up as one of my favorite singers. Although I pity Kakaza-san, she's just like Neya-san's backup singer. :( Oh well, Neya-san has a better voice. And a little trivia, Sato Mako and Roy Mustang's assistant Riza something have the same voicer, Neya-san! And Neya-san ends up singing like a backup singer with her duet with Roy's voicer as well... :D

Anyway, I want to leave you with two pictures this time. One of these is an Initial D one, the art is not mine, it came from the same site as the one with the Twin Comets one. Although I do claim credit for the caption. The second one is a Get Backers one I made way back. Hope you like it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Independence Day

Yay! It's Independence Day and there's no classes! Wohoo!

After some calming down slightly, I will have to admit this very bluntly. Being happy on Independence Day just because the Law(I can't very well say the "Philippine Constitution" because I can't be sure of that) states that there shouldn't be any classes for students, or work for those adults who actually work, is not a good thing. I'm sure a really nationalisticic person, okay, this is just idealism, would be out waving a tiny, or a really big, Philippine flag out on the streets watching the parades and such. But then again that would be too absurd, even for the really freaky die-hard "fans".

Anyways... I'm resizing my photos now, well actually I just plugged in my portable hard drive so I can start resizing them... It's alot easier with a mouse, although I admit that I have gotten used to using a trackpad on an Thinkpad. Ok... just finished that task. Hehe... I feel like I'm confusing my invisible audience.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ok, I'm officially starting the ___ Fanclub. Wow, a fanclub with a censored name... I don't remember if I named my nephew, and I don't think I did. So, if anyone, a stranger, for example(but still no offence) stumbles upon this blog and sees personal information, I think a severe punishment involving me and one of my superiors i.e. my mother/my brother and some serious scolding will ensue sometime in the future. But anyway, for the two people that I invited over come, I could just tell them his name personally anyways.

:D I think I should just go to bed now, maybe listen to some music first... WAIT! That reminds me! I made a fic quite recently, I probably started writing it at the beginning of the summer and ended up forgetting about it! Aha! I'll do that first! Though I won't be posting that super-Mary Sue fic anywhere other than my hard drives. :D

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Laughter Ensues...

Ok, seriously, there probably ins't anything actually interesting in my life... (then why is the title "Laughter Ensues"?) I don't know really, I suppose today has just been... laughable, I guess.

First off, I slept in again. I kept waking up and then falling back asleep since about nine, probably, since you don't actually see a clock in your sleep. Gosh, if I did I'd be panicking if I notice that it's already seven-thirty and my mom just left me at home because I just wouldn't wake up. Lol...

Second, I got to see my seemingly hyperactive nephew. Actually he shifts between hyperactive toddler to silent seemingly brooding child, who actually might be autistic. But really, I missed him this past two(?) weeks that I didn't get to see even a hair on his almost bad head. Although I am having second thoughts about that.

He's here in the room now, and of course we're in my mom's room, in our tiny condo unit. Sigh. My mom actually took us to visit a model unit in Fort Bonifacio a while ago. It really seemed like she was going to buy it. I won't have any quips about that though, although this is the place I grew up in, it's so ugly. You see cockroaches coming out of wherever. But that's the way they are, they just appear out of nowhere. Anyway, my nephew is so noisy, he shouts and I can't here anything else. Not only that, but somehow, he's slightly spoiled. He goes, "Lola _____, change my t-shirt. Lola ____!!!" That really can get annoying!

Oh... That was supposed to be my third point... Ok... Nevermind.

Fourth, another "priveledge" of having my nephew around probabaly is that my mom can't resist him. When he says(read shouts), "I want to go to Timezone!" In his so toddlerish voice and "bulol" pronounciation of course. She goes, "Who will come with you?" Duh, me of course... But my mom doesn't really trust me with him, not that I will deny that. I wouldn't be able to play one bit if we went alone. So, I called our maid to accompany him. But still! Whine! I could hardly play just the same, he didn't want to play with her alone, so they came for me on the IDAS machine and made me accompany him on some other game, darnit...

But anyway, I think I made a new friend on Initial D. There was this Chinese-looking guy on, and he commented that there aren't many girls on Initial D. I would agree with that, but I suppose that that fact would make it a similar advantage as I hear from my cousin on Ragnarok. Just because they play characters matching their own genders, read female characters, a lot of other guys out there give them items or money. I'll draw the similarity now. On IDAS(for those who need the meaning, Initial D Arcade Stage), guys are willing to help out lower-leveled girls there, girls who are there alone though. Of course they wouldn't do that to girls who are already with other boys.

Lol... I imagine that a fist fight might start up there. I think that I've already made more than three friends on that game. One of those I've seen twice now. The other one, I haven't seen again, yet, although I don't think I'll remember him when I do.

Speaking of starting out, Yami commented that she might try IDAS out one day. :D Wow, one of my friends on Initial D! No one else wants to try it out, Dani said that she keeps hitting walls on driving games, and my cousins who agree to go to the arcade with me don't even want to try the game out. Although I have doubts if they can already reach the pedals. I think one of them is already in grade six, but I still feel that he's really short.

Anyway, I found Seiji quite easy to beat. My problem on Irohazaka is judging a jump. I'm not sure if the hairpin has a jump or not, so I end up having to turn around in reverse. That's my problem with Kyouichi, if it weren't for that I would have no problem keeping up with him.

Imagining my nephew at ten years old scares me. I'm ten years and three months older than him, so that means I'll be twenty when he's that old. Right now he's turning five next month, and I imagine that he's almost four feet tall. Scary for a five-year-old. :z

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Chat and Rant (and Rave)

Another Googley post. A few minutes ago I just downloaded Google Talk and probably stared at it for a few minutes.

Ok, I'm pretty sure that Google Talk has been around for a few months now, but really. It's got Yahoo! Messenger to compete with, but with those standards it would hardly be considered competing with Yahoo!. It's so plain, and colorless, exclusive. I've got nothing against exclusiveness, it's good in small doses and such. But Gmail is, as far as I know, still on the basis on invitation.

I'd like to have at least more than five people on my list. Ok, I do have five people, but mom and Yami don't even have Google accounts, so there's no chatting with them. Actually, there really is no chatting with my mom because we share the same computer... ^^;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here's a screenshot of Google Talk next to Yahoo! Messenger, and at the back is Google Spreadsheets. Just click on it and it should redirect you to my abum where the bigger and more comprehensible vesion is located. The file on Spreadsheets is my Courses, Characters, Cars file. Anyway, I record my progress on the Initial D Arcade Stage there. I know it seems really silly, but I think it really helps. Although I wish I recorded the names of my human opponents so I could challenge them again one day. Anyways, it helps in formulating plans, also, I put a picture of each course for quick reference...

I've already beaten Ryousuke, by the way. People say that if your opponent is ahead of you coming out of the final hairpin in Akina (you can take a look see in my Photobucket) the one after checkpoint 3, your opponent has already won, unless that said opponent makes a huuuge mistake. But, then, if that were an irrefutable fact, why did I beat Ryousuke after point? I was so happy then that I practically whooped in my seat. :D

Oh, but now, I go against Takumi... My god, he's fast... I mean, he has a hachi-roku! 86 aren't supposed to have a good start up, even in 1st or 2nd gear. At least not against an RX-8. His car is faster starting up than Ryousuke's FC... When I first went up against him, I was starring at my mirror shouting, mentally I would like to add, "Why is he so fast?!"

Oh well, I think that I might just skip him for now and move onto Seiji in Irohazaka. Speaking of Seiji, who the hell thought of "Hawk" in Tokyopop. In Tokyopop, my god, they changed most of the cast's names with English adaptations, and honestly, there's no real point in it, at least in my point of view. But really, Seiji=Hawk. Where's the connection?

Speaking of the Initial D English translations, the names particularly. Apart from the Seiji thing, this one really make me want to pick their brains, Kenta=Danny. When I heard that, I reacted the same way with Seiji. But fortunately for Kenta and his Keisuke-fanboy-ness, he has an alternative name and it's Kent. That name is much better, Danny is just like him being Brown's younger self.

Also I was trying to put up some of my quiz results from Quizilla and, but some error came out about not having a closing tag. I don't want to have to check the entire thing just to display my results, the hell with it.

Oh, and really, Yami, when you get back from Bohol, you'd probably end up reading this, check the screenshot again, on YM, you're online, but not online. You can see the date there by the time I took the picture.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Fushigi Yugi - Utada Hikaru - First Love

Fushigi Yugi - Utada Hikaru - First Love

I know that I'm not a real fan of Fushigi Yugi, but this is a nice video. It's so Miaka/Tamahome! But still, it's cute. :D

Quick Comment, and More

I actually heard this on the news in the morning, and when I was scrolling down Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenges by Google I saw that *points up*

A few minutes ago, I received a confirmation email from Google regarding it. It said that I was allowed to use it and it gave me the link to it. The only condition it pretty much has is this, you have to have a Google account (and by this I mean Gmail) to claim the limited test priveledges.

I tried it out for a few more minutes and already have a verdict. But the truth is, I don't really use Microsoft's Excel much. I use it, basically for date organization. Face it, it's so much easier to have all the details of people(and whatever else things) in those not so tiny boxes all lined up for you. Anyway, back to the verdict. So far, the standard of the Google Spreadsheets isn't really too good. At least not compared to Excel.

But honestly, I sincerely believe that Google can do better than that. I mean, they just released it recently, like this week or something like that. If I heard correctly, the broadcaster said that Google was planning to put macros into their program, not that I know what macros are, much less how they are used. I just see them in my toolbar and ignore them. The only thing I really didn't like about the Spreadsheets is that there is no function for the right click thingy in the mouse. That's probably the thing I use most in a computer, after the left click of course.

Anyway, my Filipino partner isn't helping me with our report on TUESDAY. It's so unfair... Pouts like a little kid. And I seriously need help in Filipino. When I graduated from elementary and started my first high school Filipino class I swear when I opened my book my mind just went "WTF" why is this so difficult. It was just my level in elementary, but "Ibong Adarna" is a completely different thing. 3/4 of it was too deep for me and so I just passed that class because I kept asking my classmates for a basic translation. Sigh...

Even though I am a Filipino, and do actually live in the Philippines, I'm not good at the language. I mean, I first learned Filipino in Kinder 2...? That's about 6 years old. And this is another thing I remember about my Filipino problem. When I was in Grade 2, in the 1st quarter, we were asked to take a seatwork. When I was answering, the consistent question that kept popping into my mind was, "How do I spell this word?" This is Filipino. Filipino's spelling is probably one of the easiest in the world, because, how you pronounce it is how you spell it. And the words in question are, "niya, siya" and whatever "ya" words I can't remember. In the end I just passed an English-Chinese based spelling, niya being "nia", siya being "sia".

When I recall it, I just feel like a moron.

Breathe in, breathe out. These things are something I would like to forget and ignore, but unfortunately, I can't, and probably won't because it's here, on the blog, pretty much immortalized on the net, with hardly anyone to read it.

And Yami, why do always seem to be online, but never answer? What's wrong, did you get hacked or something like that?

I have to remember to transfer my new picture of Elian onto my computer, so I can upload that as well. Waves Elian-fan-fight club! Yahahaha... Although I wouldn't know if he's parent's would approve of my posting his pictures on the net.

Hmm... Maybe I should just do away with the mood and song thingy... Or maybe not. Yey! I get to go to National Bookstore tomorrow!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back to School Wail

Man, oh, man, yesterday was our school's opening day about a week earlier than most schools around. So, anyway, I want to go back to the anti-thesis of my schedule as of today.

One, yesterday a.k.a. the Opening Day of Doom, I had to wake up at about four am just because our car is color-coded on Tuesdays. I don't understand why they call it color-coding though, they base it on the plates, not the shade of the vehecle. And from what I obsereve on the streets, white, black, dark blue, silver, and red are the most dominant colors around, so if it's, for example, white day, traffic will greatly decrease. But if "they", whoever I may be specifying, decide on a say... green day, there would be hardly any change in the traffic, but I'm going waaaay of topic now. But, really, I can't believe that I was excited on the first day of classes.

Two, this is pretty much my real point taken from one. I want to be able to sleep until nine in the morning, eight if you argue. And actually the day just before the start of our school-year, I woke up at about nine. That's a natural waking(or whatever word is more appropriate to replace the word). Usually I wake up at about ten, no past ten. Sometimes eleven. And a few times, past twelve. Haha. I suppose I have some sort of erratic chronic insomia. Or something of that sort.

Looks behind shoulder.

Frankly, I'm not supposed to be writing this right now, I just finished my research on Jose Rizal, on which I have to do a report on with my partner. Damn my luck. Also, I have to do my Chinese homework because I have to study for my quiz in Chinese. On Friday! Can you believe it? The first week of school and we already have a quiz.

Chinese is not easy. Underline and bold format that, ah, and font size 72. "CHINESE IS NOT EASY". It may be for natural Chinese, or those students who speak Chinese at home, or whatever. But this is a completely different thing for a whole lot of other people. i.e. Me.

This is my eleventh year in MHCS and I still speak super-easy kindergarden Chinese. Grade 1 if you insist. But I'm hardly on the high school level. But at least it's balanced for those who really do speak Chinese. If you do, you are either not to good at 1. English 2. Filipino. 3. Spanish. Okay, there is no relevancy if you can speak Spanish. Maybe like twenty years ago in college, yes, but now, it's hardly something regular high school students study as a required course.

Not only that, it seems that I am short of notebooks. Also, our teachers, whom I mostly like, want us to buy some other stuff for their subject like 14-column notebook, which I think are ledgers, and some more extra notebooks, and fillers and yellow pad, and... blah. There was so much traffic today that I couldn't fulfill my mission and buy these supplies and leave nothing for the weekend. But oh well...

Sigh, I have to try and think up a design for our Powerpoint presentation....

Anyway, I'll leave you with this.

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But for a little versatility, and a shortage of songs, I won't bother posting my "listening to right now songs".

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Life in the Mud

Life in the Mud

Silently taking all the blows,
Not resisting the pain,
No sound is even uttered,
Enduring it all…

Every hit, every attack,
I will take it all,
No complains said,
Waiting for it to end.

I know life is a wheel,
Going up, then down,
When life is down, just try and wait,
But that time & moment is now.

I want it all to end,
See the joy and bliss,
But life is a wheel,
And I'm in the mud.

This is a poem I made probably a year, or two, ago when my mood was this close to depression. I can't actually remember why I became this sad or what cheered me up, but this pretty much proves that life changes. What's important, or so amazingly great might not have the same meaning to you even a month after.

Life changes, and so do you.

Yami and I were talking on the phone a few days ago and it lasted a few hours, that hasn't changed much, but anyway, we've talked about this before and so I will share it to this blog and to my audience, but then again Yami's probably my only regular audience.

"What is the meaning of life?" I don't remember this getting answered before, when we talked about it, but this time we came up with our own answer, although I can't quite remember how we put it.

"The meaning of life is to realize our purpose and to accomplish it."

I'm quite satisfied with the answer, but I really doubt that all those philiosophers trying to answer this question will agree(completely?). Anyway, I don't know of any philosophers that would agree with a pair of teenagers came up with. Heck, I don't know of any real philosophers. Not "philosophos"(I'm still bad at spelling, this word is a filipino-english word, so it probably isn't in any dictionaries), this word is roughly translated into "smart-aleks".

Anyway, as of today, I added a new link -->

Photobucket. Honestly, I just needed a place to host my pictures so I could link it to this blog i.e. Elian's picture. Anyway, a comment on the latest three pictures.

The "ghost" picture is something I made a year ago when I was bored. It features one of the pictures you find in your "My Pictures" folder, if you use Windows 2000, or XP. And the lady ghost picture was probably taken from quizilla. I just took her from her own background and stuck her on the sunset background, and making her transparent.

The "Ryousuke wallpaper" one is one of the easiest pictures I've ever made as a wallpaper. I just painted a black background and stuck the three pictures on it. The picture of Ryousuke leaning on his FC is from the manga, and the two other pictures were made by a blog maker. I'm not claiming that I made it. I wish I did, but I don't know how to do that. So, oh well.

And finally, the "Twin Comets" picture was pretty simple to made as well. Although I had a tough time putting chibi Kyouichi behind Ryousuke and his FC. Also I do not clain to have made the picture of chibi Kyouichi or of the other Ryousuke picture. I wish I could draw, but I can't. I found the "Brain in white" picture in this site. Just click on the pearls and you'll find his picture there somewhere. (Man, the art is amazing there) I want to reiterate this, I do not claim to had drawn chibi Kyouichi. As I said, I cannot draw to save my life. And the idea of the name "Twin Comets" was taken from an Cirdan the Civic fic.

That pretty much wraps up everything I want to say(right now).

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Lens, Pics, and Arguements

Anyways, last week I had to endure days without my eyeglasses, everything was so blurry, even the X-men movie. Yeah, last week I was still in Bacolod and watched the Last Stand there. If there's anything I really, really like about Bacolod, it's that the movie tickets there are about P50 cheaper than here in Makati, and even up to P70(or more) in Greenbelt. So blah, blah...

I wanted to post a picture of my nephew; he's so cute when's he smiling and not being a brat. He's 4 years old in the picture, and still is now. He'll age a year later this year. So, I'm about ten years and a month older than the boy.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That was a picture taken at the Disney Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong. We(my mom, my elder brother, his wife, their son, and of course me) went there last November when it was relatively new, if I remember correctly it opened in September. My brother was pretty much in charge of the photo and video taking during the trip. The pictures were nice, he had a steady hand and a good camera for that. But the video was different. My brother the (obviously) amateurish cameraman.

His videos mainly composed of feet, legs, and chest shots. Oh, and they mainly focused on my pamangkin(nephew). I think it only did because he's the one you see when you look down.

So, today is the second day of my debate camp. The Debate Club went to Ateneo de Manila to atttend the debate camp. Yeah, uh huh... (How detailed an explaination... *rolls eyes*) Anyway, a while ago we discussed IPR or Intellectual Property Rights. It pretty much encopasses copyrights(for art, music, and literature), trademarks(for brands), and patents(for inventions and processes). Etc, etc, etc.

I won't delve into it any deeper, it'll all just be a bore. Hey, we got bored at the sermon, much more yesterday. Yesterday, a law student was discussing the Bill of Rights and all that stuff and as our coach put it, "even if lawyers simplify it, to normal people, it's still 'jargonizing' it." Believe me, I swear, for about five minutes I just blanked out. That boring.

And something must have hapened when I republished my blog, because all the fonts sizes for some of my previous post shrunk to the maximum smallest size there is.

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