Sunday, June 11, 2006

Laughter Ensues...

Ok, seriously, there probably ins't anything actually interesting in my life... (then why is the title "Laughter Ensues"?) I don't know really, I suppose today has just been... laughable, I guess.

First off, I slept in again. I kept waking up and then falling back asleep since about nine, probably, since you don't actually see a clock in your sleep. Gosh, if I did I'd be panicking if I notice that it's already seven-thirty and my mom just left me at home because I just wouldn't wake up. Lol...

Second, I got to see my seemingly hyperactive nephew. Actually he shifts between hyperactive toddler to silent seemingly brooding child, who actually might be autistic. But really, I missed him this past two(?) weeks that I didn't get to see even a hair on his almost bad head. Although I am having second thoughts about that.

He's here in the room now, and of course we're in my mom's room, in our tiny condo unit. Sigh. My mom actually took us to visit a model unit in Fort Bonifacio a while ago. It really seemed like she was going to buy it. I won't have any quips about that though, although this is the place I grew up in, it's so ugly. You see cockroaches coming out of wherever. But that's the way they are, they just appear out of nowhere. Anyway, my nephew is so noisy, he shouts and I can't here anything else. Not only that, but somehow, he's slightly spoiled. He goes, "Lola _____, change my t-shirt. Lola ____!!!" That really can get annoying!

Oh... That was supposed to be my third point... Ok... Nevermind.

Fourth, another "priveledge" of having my nephew around probabaly is that my mom can't resist him. When he says(read shouts), "I want to go to Timezone!" In his so toddlerish voice and "bulol" pronounciation of course. She goes, "Who will come with you?" Duh, me of course... But my mom doesn't really trust me with him, not that I will deny that. I wouldn't be able to play one bit if we went alone. So, I called our maid to accompany him. But still! Whine! I could hardly play just the same, he didn't want to play with her alone, so they came for me on the IDAS machine and made me accompany him on some other game, darnit...

But anyway, I think I made a new friend on Initial D. There was this Chinese-looking guy on, and he commented that there aren't many girls on Initial D. I would agree with that, but I suppose that that fact would make it a similar advantage as I hear from my cousin on Ragnarok. Just because they play characters matching their own genders, read female characters, a lot of other guys out there give them items or money. I'll draw the similarity now. On IDAS(for those who need the meaning, Initial D Arcade Stage), guys are willing to help out lower-leveled girls there, girls who are there alone though. Of course they wouldn't do that to girls who are already with other boys.

Lol... I imagine that a fist fight might start up there. I think that I've already made more than three friends on that game. One of those I've seen twice now. The other one, I haven't seen again, yet, although I don't think I'll remember him when I do.

Speaking of starting out, Yami commented that she might try IDAS out one day. :D Wow, one of my friends on Initial D! No one else wants to try it out, Dani said that she keeps hitting walls on driving games, and my cousins who agree to go to the arcade with me don't even want to try the game out. Although I have doubts if they can already reach the pedals. I think one of them is already in grade six, but I still feel that he's really short.

Anyway, I found Seiji quite easy to beat. My problem on Irohazaka is judging a jump. I'm not sure if the hairpin has a jump or not, so I end up having to turn around in reverse. That's my problem with Kyouichi, if it weren't for that I would have no problem keeping up with him.

Imagining my nephew at ten years old scares me. I'm ten years and three months older than him, so that means I'll be twenty when he's that old. Right now he's turning five next month, and I imagine that he's almost four feet tall. Scary for a five-year-old. :z

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