Sunday, June 04, 2006

Life in the Mud

Life in the Mud

Silently taking all the blows,
Not resisting the pain,
No sound is even uttered,
Enduring it all…

Every hit, every attack,
I will take it all,
No complains said,
Waiting for it to end.

I know life is a wheel,
Going up, then down,
When life is down, just try and wait,
But that time & moment is now.

I want it all to end,
See the joy and bliss,
But life is a wheel,
And I'm in the mud.

This is a poem I made probably a year, or two, ago when my mood was this close to depression. I can't actually remember why I became this sad or what cheered me up, but this pretty much proves that life changes. What's important, or so amazingly great might not have the same meaning to you even a month after.

Life changes, and so do you.

Yami and I were talking on the phone a few days ago and it lasted a few hours, that hasn't changed much, but anyway, we've talked about this before and so I will share it to this blog and to my audience, but then again Yami's probably my only regular audience.

"What is the meaning of life?" I don't remember this getting answered before, when we talked about it, but this time we came up with our own answer, although I can't quite remember how we put it.

"The meaning of life is to realize our purpose and to accomplish it."

I'm quite satisfied with the answer, but I really doubt that all those philiosophers trying to answer this question will agree(completely?). Anyway, I don't know of any philosophers that would agree with a pair of teenagers came up with. Heck, I don't know of any real philosophers. Not "philosophos"(I'm still bad at spelling, this word is a filipino-english word, so it probably isn't in any dictionaries), this word is roughly translated into "smart-aleks".

Anyway, as of today, I added a new link -->

Photobucket. Honestly, I just needed a place to host my pictures so I could link it to this blog i.e. Elian's picture. Anyway, a comment on the latest three pictures.

The "ghost" picture is something I made a year ago when I was bored. It features one of the pictures you find in your "My Pictures" folder, if you use Windows 2000, or XP. And the lady ghost picture was probably taken from quizilla. I just took her from her own background and stuck her on the sunset background, and making her transparent.

The "Ryousuke wallpaper" one is one of the easiest pictures I've ever made as a wallpaper. I just painted a black background and stuck the three pictures on it. The picture of Ryousuke leaning on his FC is from the manga, and the two other pictures were made by a blog maker. I'm not claiming that I made it. I wish I did, but I don't know how to do that. So, oh well.

And finally, the "Twin Comets" picture was pretty simple to made as well. Although I had a tough time putting chibi Kyouichi behind Ryousuke and his FC. Also I do not clain to have made the picture of chibi Kyouichi or of the other Ryousuke picture. I wish I could draw, but I can't. I found the "Brain in white" picture in this site. Just click on the pearls and you'll find his picture there somewhere. (Man, the art is amazing there) I want to reiterate this, I do not claim to had drawn chibi Kyouichi. As I said, I cannot draw to save my life. And the idea of the name "Twin Comets" was taken from an Cirdan the Civic fic.

That pretty much wraps up everything I want to say(right now).

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