Thursday, June 28, 2007

Old Journals and Ancient Script

I know, I said that I don't post inane stuff when I'm supposed to be busy, but I don't want to occupy myself with those charcters right now. And even if it does make me feel a bit bad, I'll live with it tomorrow.

The other day, probably two days ago, I was arranging my bookshelf, in anticipation of The Balikbayan box with all my books (>.< and shoes, and stuff... XD), when I saw a strange and utterly foreign-looking notebook. At first I dismissed it as my old autograph book, but when curiousity brought me to examine the old pad, I realized that it wasn't my autograph slambook, but an ancient journal.

Technically, not that ancient. It was written in my hand four years ago. When I was reading it, it made my eyes water. I was that stupid?!

The horrid topics, I shall never touch again, the horrid script, it had me screaming (mentally, as I hardly ever actually scream) in an outrage.

My god...

To be honest, Danilicious, and I mean no offence by this, I sounded like you... *shudder*

Saturday, June 16, 2007

April 30

Ok, screw everything I wrote on my yellow pad, I don't want to have to type everything up again. So just screw it.

But at the same time, I don't want to leave this topic alone. I want to leave a bit of detail on what happened in America on paper, and since I lose my papers like I lose my pens, Blogger should suffice.


1. New York city

Highlights: (1) Touring Manhattan, (2) Going north to Niagara falls, apparently that's how it's spelled, (3) Visiting my family there! Duh, purpose of visit. Not to mentioned we were their guests althroughout.

2. Maryland

Highlights: (1) Touring Washington D.C., (2) More family visitations! Ok... that sounded so wrong. We stayed there for most part of the week we were in Silver Springs, but we then moved to a hotel because we didn't want to feel like parasites.

3. Los Angeles, California

Highlights: (1) Disneyland!, (2) Universal City, (3) RX8s!!!

Talk about a summary.

Friday, June 08, 2007

First Survey Ever

[ Name ] Patricia
[ Nicknames ] Pat, Pato-chan, Patty, Trish, Yuzuki, Yu-chan, Kam, Yuz, Kamy, etc...
[ Screen name ] Kamaji Yuzuki, Yuzuki, Kamyuz, Kayu, obssdgb, dialinfita (luvs anagrams), Ashphodel*insert number here*, Ash
[ Birthday ] May 11
[ Age ] 16, but not sweet
[ Weight ] 120+ last time I checked
[ Astrological sign? ] Taurus...
[Chinese zodiac sign? ] Sheep...
[ Marital Status ] Single, but hardly available.
[ Eye color ] Black-Brown/Brown-black, I can no longer recall the difference.
[ Height ] 5'2+
[ Shoe size ] 7+
[ Parents still together? ] No.
[ Siblings? ] Brother.
[ Nieces/Nephews? ] Hm... I lost count, 2+
[ Kids of your own? ] None that I know of...
[ Grandkids? ] Am I that old?!
[ Pets? ] My dead turtle, my several dead hamsters, my several dead goldfish, my several dead lovebirds, my several dead stuff toys
[Education? ] What about it?
[ Rent, lease, or own your home? ] Still at home with mom.
[ Have any credit cards? ] Two, Bankard and MyDream.
[ What do you drive? ] Hmm... Mazda RX-7 FC, Mazda RX-8, Mitsubishi Evo III, Subaru Impreza STi (GC8V), Nissan 180SX... Oh, you do know that these are all in Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3, right?

[ Color ] Black, White, Silver, Red, Pink (only in small amounts and when paired with either white or black, or both)
[ Number ] Random number generator: 785
[ Animal ] Dog, Bat...
[ Vehicle ] Current car: Nissan 180SX
[ Flower ] Lavender
[ Scent ] Lavender
[ Shape ] 104-sided polygon
[ Drinks ] Water, Iced Tea, Mango smoothie, Hot Chocolate, Cold Chocolate, anything else with chocolate
[ Soda ] None, don't drink soft drinks...
[ Book ] Helen of Troy
[ Band ] None at the moment, singer though... Melissa White
[ Song ] Switch! by Melissa White and Ace
[ Food ] Starbucks Tiramisu cake - I miss you!

Do you...
[ Color your hair? ] No, never... Although I might consider highlighting it one day...
[ Have tattoos? ] Unless you call the things I draw on my skin tatoos, no.
[ Piercing? ] One in each ear, don't want any more.
[ Cheat on tests/homework? ] Always a concern, so I hide...
[ Drink/Smoke? ] I tried to drink a bit of wine before (like for a toast)... Eew...
[ Like roller coasters? ] Anything except the ones with loops...
[ Wish you could live somewhere else] Yes, anywhere nicer and bigger.
[ Want more piercings? ] Read above.
[ Like cleaning? ] I like disorder...
[Write in cursive or print? ] Cursive with some print letters.
[ Carry a donor card? ] Maybe, haven't thought about it.
[ Swear a lot? ] When I'm pissed...
[Own a web cam?] No.
[ Know how to drive?] I will be learning soon.
[ Diet? ] Technically...
[ Own a cell phone? ] Yup.
[ Ever get off the damn computer? ] When I'm not home, and when I am home, I'm only off when I'm supposed to be studying or when I'm asleep.
[ Habla Espanol? ] Pardon?

Have you ever...
[ Gotten a speeding ticket?] Not yet.
[ DUI? ] Excuse me?
[ Been in a wreck? ] Not a severe one. Just a karting accident, where nothing was broken except some skin.
[ Been arrested? ] I'm used to evading the fuzz.
[ Been in a fist fight? ] I find other ways to get revenge or vent my anger.
[ Kicked someone in the nuts? ] Not of yet. If someone pushes me enough, I just might.
[ Stolen anything? ] Not anything I can remember... Oh! Music off the Internet!
[ Held a gun? ] A bunch of toy guns (i.e. water guns, pellet guns)
[ Drank? ] Water, juice...
[ Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name?] Never.
[Considered a life of crime?] Uh, no.
[ Considered being a hooker? ] Eew, no.
[ Cried over a girl?] Because I felt insulted.
[ Cried over a boy? ] Kinda.
[ Lied to someone? ] About what and who?
[ Been in love? ] Not really.
[ Fallen for your best friend? ] Me = straight
[ Made out with JUST a friend? ] Never even kissed someone before.
[Been rejected? ] Never asked, how can I be rejected?
[ Used someone? ] Yes, but who...
[ Been used? ] Yes.
[ Been kissed? ] No.
[Current mood] Bored, and slightly miffed.
[Current music] Eurobeat.
[Current taste] Sweet.
[Current hair] Past shoulder... My normal messy hair.
[Current annoyance] Our moderator, our school and the schedule.
[Current smell] Air?
[Current thing I ought to be doing] Typing up a fic, doing some defenition research
[Current windows open?] Yahoo! Mail, Blogger, Yahoo! Messenger
[Current desktop picture] Plain black.
[Current book] MSA Math Reviewer
[Current cds in stereo] None. iTunes eliminated the use of stereos.
[Current crush] Q-chan.
[Current favorite celeb] Err... None.
[Current hate] None.
[Current job] Student, driving student, writer-by-hobby...
[Last book you read] Helen of Troy
[Last movie you saw] Mr. Bean Goes on Vacation
[Last thing you had to drink] Water
[Last thing you ate] Instant Cook Nissin Noodles.
[Last person you talked to on the phone] Mom.

Do you...
[Do drugs?] Never wanted to.
[Have a dream that keeps coming back?] Never.
[Play an instrument?] Guitar, piano, bamboo flute... Only I suck...
[Believe there is life on other planets?] Not really...
[Remember your first love?] Who? I'ved been in love?!
[Still love him/her?] Since when?!
[Read the newspaper?] Occasionally, when I see something that interests me.
[Have any gay or lesbian friends?] I can never be sure.
[Believe in miracles?] Yeah, but one's never happened to me, I think.
[Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?] Yes.
[Consider yourself tolerant of others?] Generally, unless I'm in a pissed off mood.
[Consider love a mistake?] Not as of yet.
[Have a favorite candy?] Do chocolates count?
[Do well in school?] Usually, except for Chinese and Math
[Go to or plan to go to college] Yes, Ateneo.
[Wear hats?] No.
[Hate yourself?] No, why would I? I have a pretty good life. I have a bed, I have a roof over my bed, and I have food when I venture out of my bed.
[Have an obsession?] Current one is Initial D, and the perfect line for IDAS.
[Have a secret crush?] It's not a secret.
[Do they know yet?] They who?
[Collect anything?] Die-cast models of cars I like... (i.e. RX-7s, RX-8s, 86s, Roadsters...), books, stuffed toys, pillows...
[Have a best friend?] Three.
[Close friends?] Not that many... No, right out few.
[Like your handwriting?] Yes, although it could be nicer.
[Care about looks?] Not most of the time...

=Love life=
[First crush] It's been a long time since I've thought of him...
[First kiss] Never.
[Single or attached?] Single.
[Ever been in love?] No.
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] No.
[Do you believe in "the one?"] Yes.
[Describe your ideal significant other] No.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

First Day of School

"Today will be your last June 6 as a Makati Hope student." - Dr. Tiu

Kinda duh, but it does make you think. At least I did. After the entire program, which was as always, boring. Same old, same old. Except, it won't be happening anymore. That was our last first day orientation.

Wow... I'm a fourth year student with an application form for UP tucked into my clearbook. Although, I am veritably terrified of the entrance exam of UP... Filipino... Noooo... I can still remember my first day as a first year student pretty clearly, and here I am, only ten months away from graduation. It's scary how time flies.

You think you can still redeem yourself by studying hard for the next test, and the next thing you know, a new school year has already begun. It makes second-chances pass quickly that you have to learn to remember the you should do things right the first time around, prevent making mistakes you'll regret and forget to correct. It sucks really.

But enough with the pondering angst, our school looked so different this year! It was like a weirdly color-schemed office building. They extended the front of it, and made the first floor pretty and the front half of the second floor, but they forgot that the majority of their students aren't in grades 1 to 3.

The rest of the 2nd floor and the 3rd and 4th floors remained unchanged, unless you count the rebuffing of our floors a change. I get the feeling that they just want to draw the kids in, and hope that they stay for the rest of their primary and secondary education since they've been there since they were little kids. That was my case, and it's likely that there'd be many other parents around thinking the same as my mom probably did.

Something else... We have a bunch of new teachers this school year, as always, and it just happens that we have a new debate moderator. Yay, right? This time, I didn't bother to keep my hopes high. And rightly so. Even if the guy was from Ateneo, that doesn't mean that he'd attend to us.

Even if our "moderator" isn't brilliant, I'd rather have a moderately skilled one around, rather than have a brilliant one, who I hardly see. Though, in any case, I can't say that he's brilliant either. He seemed to have pretty good Engligh, but all he seemed interested in during his introductory speech was the "drama" club, or whatever he's calling it now.

Stupid shameless "High School Musical"-ish plug. What about the Debate Society?

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Drift-Grip Experiment

Being the insane teenagers we are, Neko-chan and I made an RPG blog. Yup, of our fanfic team, the D-GX.

We have some stuff planned for it, some weird stuff, funny stuff mostly. An RPG for fun!