Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Study: Deep Voices Equal More Babies

Men with lower voices will have more children than higher-pitched males, according to a new study.

In a study of the Hadza of Tanzania, one of the last hunter-gatherer cultures groups who use no modern birth control, David Feinberg, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and colleague, Coren Apicellam, found that men who have lower pitched voices had more children than men with higher pitched voices.

Feinberg and his colleagues have shown in previous studies that women find deeper male voices to be more attractive, judging them to be more dominant, older, healthier and more masculine while men find higher-pitched women more attractive, subordinate, feminine, healthier and younger sounding.

The study, published in Biology Letters, does not link voice pitch to offspring mortality rates but gives some insight into the evolution of voice, according to Feinberg. “If our ancestors went through a similar process”, said Feinberg, “this could be one reason why men’s and women’s voices sound different.”

Now, doesn't that explain why all the fangirls swarm those deep-pitched bishies. Can't blame them though, I do to. :D

Monday, September 24, 2007

The USTET, Joshua, and My Videos

Dang... I'm so lazy. This is something I should've done last Sunday, yesterday. Then again, I'm playing hookie today, so I had the entire day to myself and Snoopy and my psychic iTunes, not a bad mix if I should say so myself.

First up, the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test... By far, the EASIEST entrance exam I've encountered. Those people, whoever they are, weren't wrong. A 2nd year student could take it and pass. And at the bottom of the standardized answer sheet "Copyright 2005" was printed. :D

The "Mental Ability" portion was something they didn't expect the students to complete, after all, 80 items in 30 minutes... Doable, as long as you don't dabble around that is. It was a bit of a mix of logic questions, easy math questions (like there's a mother and a father with two sons, and two daughter-in-laws, each of the sons had two kids, how many are there in all?) Really, now.

Next, was the English section, it was more or less divided into three parts, the vocabulary section, the analogy section, and the very, very short reading comprehension one. Now, I think I missed one, but that doesn't matter. The vocab wasn't particularly challenging. It was as if they put semi-difficult words and threw in a bunch of review center sponsored nomenclatures, just for the sake of confusing the students.

Math was 2nd year level. Easy 2nd year level. Like, what is the compliment of 67°? *roll eyes*

Science, same comment for math, except for two Physics questions that weren't really common sense. Actually, one of the questions I'm referring to is about projectiles. And I just learned about projectiles two weeks ago. Same angle of projectile and stuff, but different speed equals the same time to hit the ground.

Anyway... I was actually laughing and dying at the same time during the test. The examiner read her guide all slow and weird. She actually misread part of it as well... But then again, she was cute and I'll never see her again (probably) so it doesn't really matter. And of course, with easy tests, come great boredom.

That should be my new catch phrase. No! It should become this overused quote, like its spoof!

Joshua. No, he's not my crush. Actually, I don't know any guys named Joshua. The Joshua I'm referring to is Joshua, the nine year old boy, from his self-titled movie. You know, the psychological thriller. I swear, the movie's totally creepy. You have this little boy, only three years older than my newphew, with a completely innocent face and I suspect a sky high IQ, killing his family, or at least driving them insane. My goodness gracious gulay... I won't say anything more about it, lest a mark be left on this pretty pink and black blog, whose format I'm thinking of changing...

Now, what was the other thing I was going to talk about... Ah, my videos...

Last week was Math and Science week, I won't post its official name as it's too gross even for me. Last week was so fun. Ok, scratch that. Last Friday was so fun. Games and Goldbergs. Mini-architectural wonders and hyperactive little brats. What a day... I actually joined a game, but it was cancelled (can I hear a collective "aww"?). A Math game. *gasp* For plus points. *ah...* Yeah, me and my Snoopy-dancing persona are talking at once.

I have to remember to post those videos of our sister team's Goldberg! A flamethrower to cut a piece of green yarn. Then again, it was an ugly piece of string, so serves it right. Bleh.

Also, I must upload the beautiful picture of our, ahem, our master engineer's work of art? structural marvel? Whatever you'd like to call it, it's the Burg Al Arab. Coincidentally, the next morning (or was it afternoon by then) I was on National Geographic when the familiar sail shape came up on the show, Frontline of Construction. Oooh... Purdy... Now, we could've used that commentary to stupefy the judges to give us a perfect score...

Ah, and no AS4. *cries*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pato Actually Saying Something About the ACET (and more AS4)

My new habit: Proclaiming, "I'm still alive!!!"

Yeah, because of all these entrance exams. Damn, they're really killers... Just kidding.

College entrance exams aren't as scary as they're cut out to be. Seriously. I have this theory that they make up all this propaganda up to scare students out of their wits that they end up not performing at their best during the test. That's probably not true, but who cares?

The only really scary part about the ACET was the, you guessed it, the time pressure. Now, setting that little menace aside, it wasn't too bad. Annoying, but completely bearable. I hate abstract reasoning. Simply said, and Neko's quote is applicable, I'm not a spatial girl. All those vague little drawings with claims of patterns just tick me off. Though, at least they weren't blurry, like the NCAE's...

What else... The Math, was blah... So much easier when compared to the UPCAT. No Science section either... (Whee~) Though, there was a trade-off. The English was harder, definitely. The vocab words... Well, I had to guess through some of them just to meet the time limit. Oh! And there was an essay. "Are people of the 21st century over reliant on technology?"

I'm glad Clarissa warned me about this, while I was still lining up. We actually arrived there before 10 AM, so I was just waiting, and waiting, and waiting... Dang... 2 hours left... Anyway, I texted her to ask how she was doing, and voila, revelation.

It was a great deal of fun afterwards too. Yup, all the waiting was a pile of fun. A truckload, actually. And that's partly true. There was this one selection on the ACET about exploring foreign lands without a plan or guide and just jumping in. It kinda inspired me to take a super-mini tour of Ateneo actually. I bet the passengers of the cars passing by thought that the strange girl balancing on the sidewalk was weird. Lol. Yeah, I'm a weirdo, and I know it.

But as after every exam, I make it a point to visit that no longer new smelling machine in G4.

Right now, I don't know what to feel about AS4. I just finished LoTS for the second time without having a horrid time beating them, except Takumi and Bunta (I just treat the old man as I do Iro Reverse, ignored. :P) they're like hell, as always. I don't know what to make my goals right now. I dislike Time Attacks for some reason, but I guess I'll have to give it another chance...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sweet 16?!

Maybe this post should've been made when I just turned 16, not like 4 months afterwards, but what does it matter anyway? Besides, (and I just noticed that my current favorite transitional word now is "besides") I only thought of this topic this morning on the way to school, enduring the practically never-ending line to MHCS.

When I was younger, I used to believe that when I turned 16, so many doors would open up to me, being able to join more stuff (*cough* all-night pow-wow), do more stuff, and most importantly drive. So far, there haven't been anytime I want to join now, so that sucks. But to tell you the truth, the main issue is the driving one.

Legally, I am allowed to drive on public roads, with the condition that there is an adult with a driving license in the passenger seat.

Now, I've never been the legalism-type, actually, I try to maneuver around the rules in school, and try isn't even the appropriate word for it. Sometimes, I just ignore them. Now, I won't mention what I don't pay attention to, lest a teacher is reading this, or even *OMG gasp* the Prefect of Discipline, but I know that ain't happening. Still, I don't like taking those kind of risks.

Anyway, where was I...

Right. If I knew that my mom would pull a super-freak out on me if I took the CR-V for a little spin, I'd already have done just that. But, unfortunately, that isn't so. Pato-chan just ends up waiting till she's allowed to touch our old Corolla. :(

I guess, being 16 isn't all it's cut out to be...

Why do I get the feeling I'll be saying the same thing when I'm 18...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pokalicious Poking

My name is Pokalicious, and I like to poke people, objects, and animals. Although I don't suggest you imitate me, at least when it comes to irritating animals. Being Pokalicious is fun, do you know why? Because I say so, therefore it is so.

Yeah, yeah, randomness you may claim, but it isn't. Not completely anyway. The short paragraph was, but the point of making something for Pokalicious to put on her site isn't. We have this school project to make a personal website with Adobe Dreamweaver (which I totally adore), and I'm having loads of fun with it.

To heck with long posts for now, I'm to distracted to make them.