Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So Much News, So Little Time

Now, it's been over TWO months since I last posted here, and what have I got to say. A lot really. ZOMG!!

First, I would like to post my excuse. The university that hosted our BEIJING TOUR blocked several sites, Blogger, for instance, and yuzutea.net as well, so I believe same thing went for WordPress. Hm... Maybe they fear propaganda . Free Press and Freedom of Speech (kinda, anyway) on the net.

So, now, I'd like to list the things down. I'll go into it if I feel like it.

1. Beijing Tour.

It was so fun. I learned so much. I saw so much. I met so many cool people. I will persist in using simple sentences. XD

But seriously, it lit my desire to *ahem* seriously study Chinese. At the end of my final MHCS school year, I felt embarrassed that I could hardly converse after study Chinese for most of my life. That being around 12 years. >.< So, I learned and also learned to enjoy the learning process. This is easy with a fun teacher. :D

2. THE Ateneo

I've finally enrolled. Yay! I've got 17 units (English, Literature, Mathematics, Botany, Filipino, Tennis, and... Did I miss anything?) Anyway, it all excites me. Tomorrow, I'll be moving to Eliazo Hall. I've got more stuff prepared than when I went to China. It frustrates Mom, but honestly, I hate being unprepared. Really. I really want to meet my roommates and my dormmates and my blockmates, and all the other mateys out there. >.<

I fear that I'll be all alone in the dorm room tomorrow.

3. Madok

Now what the heck is this "Madok" thing I speak of? Madok is my new MacBookPro. Yay! Which I am using to type this. Double yay! It's the first time in years (no exaggeration) I've been able to use my own computer to go online. Now, the only thing I lack is my bookmarks and my add-ons for FireFox. That's all. But all that is just a USB drive away. Which I probably have to accomplish tonight, because tomorrow, Mom's files will be 20+ kilometers away.

Anyway, time to update my files and go to bed. We have a Guidance Office testing thing tomorrow.