Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kingdom of Knuffel!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tokidoki Shopping Tokidoki Women Fornarina Black & White Retro Tennis Shoes: Apparel

No, I'm not actually shopping, but God knows I want to be. Here in the Philippines, LeSportSac has become all popular now (probably thanks to Tokidoki), but whenever I mosey over to Rustan's to check out prices, I just let out a very disappointed sigh. It's horribly expensive. Which is why I'm glad my aunt gave me this little purse bag thing, a fake Tokidoki one, but who cares right now? It's so cute. I would take a picture of it, actually, maybe I will, one day, in the future. Anyway, where was I in this short post? Ah, the sneakers, or tennis shoes as it is entitled. I've wanted the pair for a long time, but as it always is, it's (>.<) expensive. About 5k in Pesos. I think my most expensive pair of shoes ever cost a bit more than P4000, and I've already worn it enough that it doesn't hurt my feet too much anymore. Neko calls it my scary heels. I agree. ^^

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Sunday, February 03, 2008



The Hami Melon.

Apparently the normal melon is different. Obviously. :P


And this is a pear. A Golden Pair, says the SM price tag.


And this is a Chinese apple.


And this is a Golden apple. How this is different from the apple above is unclear for me.


Purple grapes.


Green grapes.

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