Friday, June 02, 2006

Lens, Pics, and Arguements

Anyways, last week I had to endure days without my eyeglasses, everything was so blurry, even the X-men movie. Yeah, last week I was still in Bacolod and watched the Last Stand there. If there's anything I really, really like about Bacolod, it's that the movie tickets there are about P50 cheaper than here in Makati, and even up to P70(or more) in Greenbelt. So blah, blah...

I wanted to post a picture of my nephew; he's so cute when's he smiling and not being a brat. He's 4 years old in the picture, and still is now. He'll age a year later this year. So, I'm about ten years and a month older than the boy.

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That was a picture taken at the Disney Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong. We(my mom, my elder brother, his wife, their son, and of course me) went there last November when it was relatively new, if I remember correctly it opened in September. My brother was pretty much in charge of the photo and video taking during the trip. The pictures were nice, he had a steady hand and a good camera for that. But the video was different. My brother the (obviously) amateurish cameraman.

His videos mainly composed of feet, legs, and chest shots. Oh, and they mainly focused on my pamangkin(nephew). I think it only did because he's the one you see when you look down.

So, today is the second day of my debate camp. The Debate Club went to Ateneo de Manila to atttend the debate camp. Yeah, uh huh... (How detailed an explaination... *rolls eyes*) Anyway, a while ago we discussed IPR or Intellectual Property Rights. It pretty much encopasses copyrights(for art, music, and literature), trademarks(for brands), and patents(for inventions and processes). Etc, etc, etc.

I won't delve into it any deeper, it'll all just be a bore. Hey, we got bored at the sermon, much more yesterday. Yesterday, a law student was discussing the Bill of Rights and all that stuff and as our coach put it, "even if lawyers simplify it, to normal people, it's still 'jargonizing' it." Believe me, I swear, for about five minutes I just blanked out. That boring.

And something must have hapened when I republished my blog, because all the fonts sizes for some of my previous post shrunk to the maximum smallest size there is.

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