Friday, June 23, 2006


Gaah! Panic! Run for your pitiful lives(no offence meant)! Save Our Souls! While your making SOS signals you may as well call in the rallyists to go off and start one right now, well not now but on Tuesday, and while they're at it, they may as well cause a disruption on Monday! *goes hysterical*

Ok, breathe in, breathe out, don't forget your medication... :p No, I don't really need medication beyond the scope of vitamins, and iron pills, but I suppose that is under the branch of vitamins. Oh well... The reason I'm in hysterics is that we've finally been piled upon by quizzes, long tests, and homeworks. And it really does pill up when you procratinate... (I never seem to learn...)

One, on Monday, there's a Filipino test on the life of Jose Rizal... Yeah, it's been... Interesting(lol, that word has never left my regular vocabulary since Akabane) studying about the guy. It's been genuinely fascinating, to read about the testament of Filipino brilliance on the net. This is the best Jose Rizal site, the only one that I consider "very good" on my standard, I've seen. But studying about for the purpose of having a FILIPINO test on him is a completely different thing. Honestly, I wouldn't be complaining about it(too much) if it were in English, but unfortunately it isn't. We have to study Noli me Tangere this year, and *cries* so far the first forty pages of the English translation I acquired this summer, have been something that causes me to want to drop my head onto my chest and go back to sleep(land). I'm sorry! I know it's supposed to be a veritable masterpiece, but I like something that slams me into the action and flings me around, not letting go, until I turn the last page... *makes a frown-y face*

Speaking of brilliance, I made another avatar... Well, avatars are supposed to be small, but you won't be able to see the text if it's 100x100, so this one is 290x290.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Two, on Tuesday, oh talk about torture and conspiring teachers, this is it. First of all, we have a Chemistry quiz on "the concentration of substances" or something along the lines of that. Basta, it's about concentration and all those annoying formulas and equations, damnit! And apart from this Science frustration, we have(suspense music) Chinese. Dramatic pause. Long test... Panic ensues. We have about four, no it's five now, pages to study. And considering that my handwriting can get really tiny, like this tiny. Winces. Let's see what is included... The word, with phonetic sounds and pin yin, and meaning, then the question and answer portion, five question, each with considerably long answers, then after that we have that portion when you provide examples of how you can use the specified word, and after that we have the part that you have to write the phonetic sounds along with the pin yin matching the provided word, after that there's the correct the word usage, and after that there's that test where you have to give an exmaple word then the phonetic sound with the pin yin.

I can't remember what we have for Wednsday...

Thursday, there's an English long test on this day, actually this test was supposed to have been given today, then it was transferred to Tuesday, then to its present schedule, Thursday.

On Friday, oh no! Our group has to do a class reporting! On India's early civilization and it's contributions! Damnit again. We want to use Powerpoint our report, but oh, I really don't like our current History teacher. When he discusses it's like he hardly does anything but rephrase and summarize what the book has to say. Nothing more. So basically, when it's class time I just bring out my History book and my trusty bright, bright yellow highlighter and create a page full of glaringly bright paragraphs to torture myself in the future.

Sigh, my schedule is tight right now having Debate on Tuesdays and Thursday, then Journalism on Fridays. I was proposing that they make a Saturday schedule, but no one agreed with me. Blah...

Anyway, I finished the Perfumed Sleeve a few days ago and found the ending quite... surprising. After my current book, I'm going book hunting for the Sano Ichiro series!!!

Mood- Panic-stricken       Song- Flower Psychedelic: Yuri Otani Version(I'm not sure which version it is actually...) - Juri Ibata(And since I'm not sure of which version I'm listening to, I'm not sure which singer I'm listerning to as well)       Book- The Devil Wears Prada- Lauren Weisberger       Game- The Monster Game!

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