Monday, June 12, 2006

Independence Day

Yay! It's Independence Day and there's no classes! Wohoo!

After some calming down slightly, I will have to admit this very bluntly. Being happy on Independence Day just because the Law(I can't very well say the "Philippine Constitution" because I can't be sure of that) states that there shouldn't be any classes for students, or work for those adults who actually work, is not a good thing. I'm sure a really nationalisticic person, okay, this is just idealism, would be out waving a tiny, or a really big, Philippine flag out on the streets watching the parades and such. But then again that would be too absurd, even for the really freaky die-hard "fans".

Anyways... I'm resizing my photos now, well actually I just plugged in my portable hard drive so I can start resizing them... It's alot easier with a mouse, although I admit that I have gotten used to using a trackpad on an Thinkpad. Ok... just finished that task. Hehe... I feel like I'm confusing my invisible audience.

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Ok, I'm officially starting the ___ Fanclub. Wow, a fanclub with a censored name... I don't remember if I named my nephew, and I don't think I did. So, if anyone, a stranger, for example(but still no offence) stumbles upon this blog and sees personal information, I think a severe punishment involving me and one of my superiors i.e. my mother/my brother and some serious scolding will ensue sometime in the future. But anyway, for the two people that I invited over come, I could just tell them his name personally anyways.

:D I think I should just go to bed now, maybe listen to some music first... WAIT! That reminds me! I made a fic quite recently, I probably started writing it at the beginning of the summer and ended up forgetting about it! Aha! I'll do that first! Though I won't be posting that super-Mary Sue fic anywhere other than my hard drives. :D

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