Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hide and Seek

All right... I know I'm supposed to be studying for Chinese but it's a real turn off not knowing (much?) of what you're studying... And also, I know from experience that I have practically no hope of passing a Chinese test of that length if I study for only a day, ok, not only a day. I've already finished the word and meaning, then the word and example words, and then one and a half of the question and answer portion...

I wonder if I still have enough time to dedicate to the Social Studies (or whatever their name is) Club; I mean, I hardly have enough time for myself. That is deducting the time I spend for continuing my fic "I Can Only Dream". I think that this is my second or third Initial D fic, the other two have shared the fate of most of my many other stories, strewn to the corner of the room in frustration of not being able to think of anything to add. That is figuratively speaking, I wouldn't dare throw my laptop! Never in my life! Well... Unless I get a new one and this old falling apart piece of ThinkPad hits a major glitch... But hopefully, for the sake of my ThinkPad, that doesn't happen. And to console that peice of computer, I would like to say that I'm not fond of harming pieces of expensive gadgets, most especially the one that my Papa gave to me.

But that makes me think. I really got frustrated when I bought my iPod... A (few) week(s) after I got it, the iPod video came out, with a 60GB capacity as well... Considering that I have almost 20GB worth of videos, 6GB worth of music and 4-5GB worth of images, I think I could really use that. But then again, who would want to watch anime on an iPod? Ahem, a non-Japanese literate otaku, that is. So, the hell with it. Computers exists, although the one in the English club room (I want to say Journalism Club, but the Debate Society and the Icarus dance club share it with us... But then again, I'm a member of the Debate Society as well...) doesn't like my USB storage devices...

A while ago, I stumbled upon my (relatively) ancient Get Backers Crossword puzzle. Haha, I can still answer most of the question even if it has been what 2 (3?) years? But that makes me think as well... Maybe one of these days, when I'm not too sleepy at midnight, I may as well make an Initial D one. My other fandoms haven't lasted as long as my Get Backers or Initial D fandom. Asobotto Senki Goku lasting 2-3 months, Samurai 7 lasting 4-5. Get Backers lasted for about a year and a half I think. Initial D is almost going to strike a year, August being the reference point. But then again, Get Backers had only one season. Initial D has 3 seasons (6 if you count the anime movie and the OVA, then 7 if you count the Live-Action Movie as well) with 26+13+24=63 (?) anime episodes. And probably more to come.

Speaking of Get Backers, I found this strange anomaly on Wikipedia.

When I was reading up on Fullmetal Alchemist I came upon this. Neya Michiko-san seems to have voiced Maria Noches? When I read that I must've gone a double-take and a jaw drop combo. Maria Noches was never in the anime, so what the heck is Neya-san doing seiyu-ing her? Thinks... Does Maria Noches come up in the Drama CDs...? Blink, blink... Maybe...? Haha... I almost asked my brother to buy me some of the Get Backers OSTs when he when to Japan a few years ago. Little did I know that OSTs are basically the background instrumental music that you hear in the anime to set the mood.

:P Actually, I asked him to buy the three Vocal Battle Stages of Initial D. He came back with two since the third one, the Takahashi brothers one, was out of stock. And a few days to a bit after a week, I found the Initial D treasureload torrent... And, well, I never told my brother that I wasted his money. :( Haha... *nervous laughter*

I'm hoping to try out the IRC channel one of these weekends, when there isn't a long test in Chinese looming in on me. There's more music there, supposedly, and manga! I tried to download from I site, but the download keeps on closing because of something I can't remember anymore... Bahala si Batman...

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