Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back to School Wail

Man, oh, man, yesterday was our school's opening day about a week earlier than most schools around. So, anyway, I want to go back to the anti-thesis of my schedule as of today.

One, yesterday a.k.a. the Opening Day of Doom, I had to wake up at about four am just because our car is color-coded on Tuesdays. I don't understand why they call it color-coding though, they base it on the plates, not the shade of the vehecle. And from what I obsereve on the streets, white, black, dark blue, silver, and red are the most dominant colors around, so if it's, for example, white day, traffic will greatly decrease. But if "they", whoever I may be specifying, decide on a say... green day, there would be hardly any change in the traffic, but I'm going waaaay of topic now. But, really, I can't believe that I was excited on the first day of classes.

Two, this is pretty much my real point taken from one. I want to be able to sleep until nine in the morning, eight if you argue. And actually the day just before the start of our school-year, I woke up at about nine. That's a natural waking(or whatever word is more appropriate to replace the word). Usually I wake up at about ten, no past ten. Sometimes eleven. And a few times, past twelve. Haha. I suppose I have some sort of erratic chronic insomia. Or something of that sort.

Looks behind shoulder.

Frankly, I'm not supposed to be writing this right now, I just finished my research on Jose Rizal, on which I have to do a report on with my partner. Damn my luck. Also, I have to do my Chinese homework because I have to study for my quiz in Chinese. On Friday! Can you believe it? The first week of school and we already have a quiz.

Chinese is not easy. Underline and bold format that, ah, and font size 72. "CHINESE IS NOT EASY". It may be for natural Chinese, or those students who speak Chinese at home, or whatever. But this is a completely different thing for a whole lot of other people. i.e. Me.

This is my eleventh year in MHCS and I still speak super-easy kindergarden Chinese. Grade 1 if you insist. But I'm hardly on the high school level. But at least it's balanced for those who really do speak Chinese. If you do, you are either not to good at 1. English 2. Filipino. 3. Spanish. Okay, there is no relevancy if you can speak Spanish. Maybe like twenty years ago in college, yes, but now, it's hardly something regular high school students study as a required course.

Not only that, it seems that I am short of notebooks. Also, our teachers, whom I mostly like, want us to buy some other stuff for their subject like 14-column notebook, which I think are ledgers, and some more extra notebooks, and fillers and yellow pad, and... blah. There was so much traffic today that I couldn't fulfill my mission and buy these supplies and leave nothing for the weekend. But oh well...

Sigh, I have to try and think up a design for our Powerpoint presentation....

Anyway, I'll leave you with this.

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But for a little versatility, and a shortage of songs, I won't bother posting my "listening to right now songs".

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Yoshimi Kanzaki said...

hehehe I soo agree with you Patty! Boy 1st week, we already have a freaking test! but it was kinda easy!!! XDD And *pats* don't worry too much! heheheeh!! Sakura Lover ka na pla ah! Well... she is kinda cute. but i still love Rider!!! nyehehehe!!