Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chat and Rant (and Rave)

Another Googley post. A few minutes ago I just downloaded Google Talk and probably stared at it for a few minutes.

Ok, I'm pretty sure that Google Talk has been around for a few months now, but really. It's got Yahoo! Messenger to compete with, but with those standards it would hardly be considered competing with Yahoo!. It's so plain, and colorless, exclusive. I've got nothing against exclusiveness, it's good in small doses and such. But Gmail is, as far as I know, still on the basis on invitation.

I'd like to have at least more than five people on my list. Ok, I do have five people, but mom and Yami don't even have Google accounts, so there's no chatting with them. Actually, there really is no chatting with my mom because we share the same computer... ^^;

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Here's a screenshot of Google Talk next to Yahoo! Messenger, and at the back is Google Spreadsheets. Just click on it and it should redirect you to my abum where the bigger and more comprehensible vesion is located. The file on Spreadsheets is my Courses, Characters, Cars file. Anyway, I record my progress on the Initial D Arcade Stage there. I know it seems really silly, but I think it really helps. Although I wish I recorded the names of my human opponents so I could challenge them again one day. Anyways, it helps in formulating plans, also, I put a picture of each course for quick reference...

I've already beaten Ryousuke, by the way. People say that if your opponent is ahead of you coming out of the final hairpin in Akina (you can take a look see in my Photobucket) the one after checkpoint 3, your opponent has already won, unless that said opponent makes a huuuge mistake. But, then, if that were an irrefutable fact, why did I beat Ryousuke after point? I was so happy then that I practically whooped in my seat. :D

Oh, but now, I go against Takumi... My god, he's fast... I mean, he has a hachi-roku! 86 aren't supposed to have a good start up, even in 1st or 2nd gear. At least not against an RX-8. His car is faster starting up than Ryousuke's FC... When I first went up against him, I was starring at my mirror shouting, mentally I would like to add, "Why is he so fast?!"

Oh well, I think that I might just skip him for now and move onto Seiji in Irohazaka. Speaking of Seiji, who the hell thought of "Hawk" in Tokyopop. In Tokyopop, my god, they changed most of the cast's names with English adaptations, and honestly, there's no real point in it, at least in my point of view. But really, Seiji=Hawk. Where's the connection?

Speaking of the Initial D English translations, the names particularly. Apart from the Seiji thing, this one really make me want to pick their brains, Kenta=Danny. When I heard that, I reacted the same way with Seiji. But fortunately for Kenta and his Keisuke-fanboy-ness, he has an alternative name and it's Kent. That name is much better, Danny is just like him being Brown's younger self.

Also I was trying to put up some of my quiz results from Quizilla and, but some error came out about not having a closing tag. I don't want to have to check the entire thing just to display my results, the hell with it.

Oh, and really, Yami, when you get back from Bohol, you'd probably end up reading this, check the screenshot again, on YM, you're online, but not online. You can see the date there by the time I took the picture.

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