Friday, July 18, 2008

Boredom Takes Over

Hm... Let me think... This would probably be around my 5th entry about slacking, that is if I were to continue down that path again.

So, instead of focusing on what I'm doing instead of what I should, I'll let the world know what I'm supposed to be doing. Maybe in the process, I'll figure out how to do it/answer the questions.

1. Leaves

Botany presentation time! And Nicole says that based on the lab manual it's long. As in loooooooong. >.< That scares me.

And I checked, and had it confirmed (by her) that it's actually a 13-page topic. Phew. Great relief there. Finally, I can use PowerPoint. I haven't used it yet. :(

2. Tarong - Pagsusuri at Pagmumunimuni

As I stare at the souvenir program which robbed me of 80 precious Pesos, I wonder how to put my vague idea into words. Really. I know the crossing-over theme goal-thingy was achieved, but how and by what means...? It's difficult to describe. Much more in Filipino. >.<

3. English - *insert extremely long title here* lecture summary/reflection

Argh... Now, summaries aren't particularly challenging, they become tough when the lecture you were required to listen to was something you hardly understood. Really. I hate it when lecturers use "big words" and back stories and confusion as their tools. *sigh*

All I am certain about when it comes to the lecture earlier is that it was about movies or cinemas.

4. Math - study

Yeah. After feeling bad about my long test earlier, I'm going to try to fit that into my schedule. Somehow.

5. English - research on blue roses

Ever since my Blood+ period, blue roses have been a topic of great (GREAT) interest for me. I love the idea they symbolize. Since blue roses don't exist in nature, they mean in flower language, something unattainable or etheral.

I was trying to do a bit of advanced research in library before the lecture, but once again, my topic is one that is extremely difficult to find material on. Genetic engineering relevant to flowers, which don't actually do anything. That's the thing with blue roses, breeders have always wanted to be THE ONE to breed the blue rose, but apart from that blue roses don't really have a significance. At least I don't see it.

6. Draw my messy outline

I am a proud member of CAPES.

I went to the meeting last week, and I learned of the Fully Booked prose/graphic novel/poetry contest and the CAPES moderator (I'm sorry I forgot your name! ^^;;) invited me to join. So now, I took on 1 more assignment.

I've decided to do a retelling of the Hades-Persephone myth. After consuming over 20 fanfics (of varying lengths - one-shots to 21 chappies) in one weekend, I've become obsessed with the pairing. *hearts*

Now, I've put up another challenge in front of myself. But, before I elaborate, let me put forward a funny quote from Mr. Moderator. "Writers are seen as idle ... So they create their own problems and then solve it." Ok, paraphrase.

I want to make my own version my own version. Not something based on one of the hundreds of other fanfics out there. But my own story. Actually, our lit selection today kinda inspired. Angela Carter retold the Little Red Ridding Hood story in her short story In the Company of Wolves. And although you can see the elements from the original story, it does not feel the same.

I want to achieve that. It does not matter if I don't win. And I certainly don't expect to. I'd love the 100,000, but it's not something I expect to fall into my hands.

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