Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Day of Sophomore Year

I instructed Madok to sing Seasons of Love at 6AM and he did, only I told him to shut up about 3 times before I got up, which is more or less what I expected to happen. I had time to make a cup of hot Cup Noodles (Mini), which overflowed when I threw its cover in the trash can. Pleasant start.

So, I dressed quickly, since I planned my outfit last night. I wore my white V-neck shirt with my Giordano jeans and my mom’s purple necklace. Grabbed my clipboard and walked over to Berchman, just like old times. So, I waited at 105 a few minutes before seating myself in front. I made a small squeak of surprise when I saw who walked in. Ma’am Oris. I was torn between horror and satisfaction. I remember that I got a D from her during the 1st sem. And I remember her long tests, which made my head spin. And I will remember her for giving us a inch-thick pile of readings on the first day of class. Goodness. At least we get to watch a movie tomorrow. Faura AVR! Remember self!

I then strolled over to Ate Alma’s little nook in SEC B. I asked her to make a copy of the stuff and I’d pay her tomorrow at 9 when I get everything. I kinda feel for them, the photocopier ates and kuyas. They stand in the heat all day and work those machines, which stink horribly, and get less than P200. That doesn’t include their commission for every rim they use and their tips, but come on! I’m sure they support their families and that’s barely an amount one person can live on per day!

I settled myself and got a glass of Coffee Boomba from Juicy Juiz and sat down with The Other Boleyn Girl. For about an hour I sat on that table all by myself, passing the time reading. If I had my Fil readings I probably would have read them already. Fine, I would have been alternating between the two texts, but I would’ve accomplished something in my own language.

At 10.20, I walked to SEC A to wait outside my math classroom. Danielle’s my classmate again. I do say her haircut suits her.

Our prof, Ms. (I think) Visaya explained her syllabus. No finals. No final project. No papers. Just long tests, quizzes, and assignments. The normal buzz. She emphasized awkwardly in her English that we didn’t have enough time for everything. Then spent the rest of the period going over simple and compound interest. *sigh* Though after doing the page she assigned, it doesn’t seem all that simple. I couldn’t solve the last number because I didn’t know how to solve for a variable that is an exponent. Oh well. She’ll ask people to solve the stuff tomorrow.

When we were dismissed, I waited in line for the math text. The guy from Bare was waiting with the curly haired girl from the show. Camz would have been squealing. Haha.

I went back to the dorm for lunch. After I reclined in my bed to continue reading.

Then I went to the wrong room for my SA class. Haha. I had to run to RMT to check my schedule, and apparently, I got it wrong just by a few rooms. My real room is 308 not 305. Oh well. I was all sweaty when I got there. Dr. De Guzman. The guy is thought provoking, well what he says is, but my God, his manner. I could feel my attention span disappearing. He just sits on his desk and speaks in this monotone. No visual cues. No vocal inflections. I sense the formula for a sleepy class. Heat + boring teacher. Nooooo!!!

I refuse to do that! I want to get high grades this year! Starting with summer. I’ll try my best with Oris and do the readings in advance! I’ll study math and do exercises! I’ll take down notes during SA!

DL here I come!!!